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Formula G renames itself FG Series & shows new race car FG-Twin for 2025

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Formula G, founded by Dilbagh Gill and Nick Heidfeld, has officially renamed itself FG Series. The electric racing series has now also revealed its racing car, which bears the name FG-Twin and will race in two different power modes. The debut of the FG Series is planned for next year.

The FG-Twin was designed by Daniel Simon, who has already designed futuristic vehicles for the films Tron Legacy, Oblivion and Top Gun Maverick, among others. He is also known to fans of electric motorsport as the creator of the Roborace car. His car for FG Series, however, looks much more classic.

The FG-Twin has a modular design and can be operated with both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. The car's peak output is 350 kW - just like the Gen3 cars in Formula E.

In the FG2 entry level of the series, the FG-Twin is operated at the lower power level. Here, the cars are to be driven by young drivers. The top class is the FG1, where drivers have full power at their disposal. The car also offers more aerodynamic downforce and there are more setup options. The car can be quickly switched between FG2 and FG1 using an easy-change system.

Because the same vehicles are used in both championships, FG Series also reduces its carbon footprint, as only half as many vehicles have to be transported to the race tracks. This is a not insignificant point, as freight also accounts for the majority of emissions in the sustainability report in Formula E, for example.

The two different performance classes are not the only eye-catching feature of the vehicles: the car has digital screens for live infotainment, which are intended to show viewers dynamic data such as battery status, current race position and other performance information. The races will take place in independent regional championships, with ten teams competing in each. Each team will field two drivers each in FG2 and FG1.

Heidfeld: "A big day for FG Series"

"Today is a big day for FG Series as we unveil the outstanding design of the FG-Twin," said Nick Heidfeld, co-founder of FG Series and Chief Sporting Officer. "It's our centrepiece to introduce FG Series and its disruptive solutions. Defining the styling targets was a collaborative team effort but surpassing them while meeting the latest safety requirements and technical specifications was only possible due to Daniel Simon's exceptional skills. Collaborating with Daniel Simon has been a dream come true for me. Our goal with FG Series is to enable talents from all over the world to pursue their motorsport ambitions and we hope this is just the first of many dreams to be fulfilled."

"FG Series presented me with an intriguing proposition: to design an advanced open-wheel monoposto that meets performance and regulation goals and adds modern automotive styling," explains Daniel Simon, designer of the FG-Twin. "As a car designer passionate about motorsports, my task was to make it poster-worthy from every angle. The result is a machine with an iconic, rocket-inspired shape, automotive crease lines, balanced proportions, a dynamic stance, and sci-fi lighting details. Such attention to aesthetics is rare for racing cars, and I hope this excites racers and spectators of all generations alike."

FG Series plans to launch four regional racing series in 2025: North America, Latin America, Europe & Africa, and Gulf States & India. A fifth region, East Asia, is to follow in 2026.

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