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Series start in video: Tom Brady's team wins powerboat debut of the E1 Series in Jeddah

Svenja König

Svenja König

Emma Kimilainen and Sam Coleman have won the first race of the electric motorboat series E1 in Jeddah. The team of football star Tom Brady pulled out a clear lead of 20 seconds over Anna Glennon and Erik Stark from Miami Racing last weekend. Tennis star Rafael Nadal's team of Cris Lazarrage and Tom Chiappe finished third.

In several time trial sessions on race day 1, pole position was determined first. This went to Glennon and Stark - and thus the team of musician Marc Anthony, who also received a world championship point as a result. However, it was already apparent in the semi-final races that they would have strong competition in the battle for race victory.

As both male and female drivers are to be involved, a team must complete two semi-final races and potential finals. A cumulative result is then calculated. In the semi-finals, Team Nadal got off to the best possible start to the race day with two wins. Also strong: Team Brady with a win and a second place. In the final, the aforementioned teams were only joined by Team Kohli.

At first it looked as if Chiappe would be able to continue his dominance. In his race, he pulled out a 14-second lead over Team Miami and a 22-second lead over Team Brady. In Superfinal 2, however, his team-mate Lazarrage was penalised for cutting the course short.

This dropped the team back to 3rd place. Meanwhile, Sam Coleman had taken the lead on his lap and finished the race in commanding style. Taking both finals into account, the team achieved a lead of 20 seconds over Team Miami - and thus the first victory in the history of the E1 Series.

Re-live video of the E1 debut

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