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Calendar update because of hydrogen cars in Extreme E? "More opportunities in the Mediterranean"



From 2025 onwards, off-road races with hydrogen-electric racing cars are also to take place within the framework of the Extreme E. The concept called "Extreme H" could also change the calendars of the two championships. The concept called "Extreme H", named after the hydrogen symbol from the periodic table, could also change the calendars of the two championships.

Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America - and always as close to a port as possible. These have been the guidelines for the Extreme E race calendar since its first season in 2021. As part of the concept of saving emissions by transporting the vehicles by sea, the St. Helena mailboat, which has been converted into a "floating paddock", usually docked not far from the race locations when the electric racing series held its "X Prix".

X Prix in Saudi Arabia probably planned for the long term

In the future, however, the championship could focus more on the Mediterranean region, as series boss Ali Russell revealed to Racer. "As long as we don't get too overambitious with global events, we can do six to eight events without question," says the Briton. In 2023, there were only five events on the Extreme E calendar, with two races at each. "We will have to become more regional at some point though. Maybe we'll do something in the Mediterranean basin: North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Europe. That would give us an opportunity to hold more races."

In addition to Saudi Arabia, which is one of the biggest investors in the Extreme E project through its sovereign wealth fund PIF and therefore presumably has a place on the calendar for the time being, there could possibly still be races in Sardinia. In the current 2023 season, the Extreme E has already held two X Prix at the Capo Teulada military training ground, just as it did last year.

Or the Extreme E or Extreme H will focus more on countries that "rely very heavily on hydrogen", Russell thinks aloud. But in doing so, the championship would be forced to move to more populated areas - contrary to the founding myth of the racing series, which actually always wanted to hold its X Prix in remote locations.

Races closer to towns thanks to hydrogen frame series?

"The dream of racing super-long distances is great, but you have to take into account the reality. It's a balancing act. We want to get closer to civilisation, but at the same time maybe have one or two (races) in more remote locations." The race schedule for the 2024 Extreme E season, which will include the first tests with the hydrogen car, is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

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