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CEO Agag reveals: Extreme H is considering development freedom for fuel cells to attract manufacturers

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

After Extreme E announced its intention to switch to hydrogen cars, preparations for the so-called Extreme H are in full swing behind the scenes. Series founder and boss Alejandro Agag has now revealed further details and provided an update on the current status. He is considering giving development freedom for fuel cells to manufacturers.

"The response to the announcement was very good," said Extreme E CEO Agag in a media round table when asked by e-Formula.news. However, he is aware that just making an announcement is not enough: "We are still early days, but I believe that some people need to see more to believe in it. There have been many announcements about hydrogen in motorsport, such as the famous Le Mans project and others, but they have never materialised."

Agag's plans are also ambitious: as early as 2025, he plans to organise the first races with the new technology. Just one year later, Extreme H will even be awarded FIA World Championship status.

"We are in contact with several potential sponsors, teams and shareholders who want to see the car race first," he says. However, it should be ready soon: "I have already seen the first car drive, it was a few days ago. We will be ready to show the car very, very soon - give us a few more weeks. Once the car is running, we will publish the technical details of the project and start discussions with potential manufacturers."

Development of fuel cells "a possible option"

However, Agag will have to offer potential new car manufacturers something to persuade them to get involved. "At the moment, the cars are still all the same so that we were able start (Extreme E). But we are currently looking into whether we can open up individual parts of the car for the manufacturers to develop them. Of course, it is crucial for them which of their own technologies they can use in the car," explains Agag.

"The most attractive part for this is the fuel cell, because there are many different suppliers of such cells," he continues. "Even some car manufacturers have developed their own fuel cells. So that would be a possible option."

Agag: "We are making history here"

Meanwhile, Spark, the manufacturer of the Extreme E racing car, is preparing for the Extreme H. "The hydrogen car is in Europe - it is being tested in France," explains Agag. "I think we will be able to show it next month, also to the press. I think we are making history here, to be honest. No one has ever managed to build an entire championship around a completely new technology before."

"Well - maybe I've done it before, with Formula E!" he corrects himself with a laugh. "But it's really difficult and a big challenge to build a hydrogen championship. But we're doing it!"

It is not yet known when the first race with the new hydrogen cars will take place. Extreme E has also not yet published its race calendar for 2024.

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