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Facts & Figures: Statistics on the second Extreme E Island X Prix 2023 in Sardinia

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Last past weekend, the electric off-road series Extreme E contested its fourth X Prix of 2023. Acciona Sainz (Saturday) and X44 (Sunday) prevailed in the two races of the double-header. We have taken a close look at the second Island X Prix of the third season and compiled all the interesting statistics.

Statistical features at the Island X Prix

  • Acciona Sainz and X44 each won their second race of this Extreme E season in Sardinia. Rosberg X Racing and Veloce Racing have also won two races each in 2023.
  • Acciona Sainz has thus now scored eight podiums, five of which have come this season.
  • Veloce Racing achieved their fifth podium in team history on Saturday, it was their fourth this season.
  • For ABT it was Extreme E podiums number 4 and 5, for Rosberg X Racing even the tenth. No other team has taken part in the victory ceremony so often in Extreme E.
  • In addition, Rosberg X Racing is the only team to have reached the final eight times this season. The German team did not have to compete once in the Redemption Race.
  • Andretti Altawkilat won the "Continental Traction Challenge" for the second time on Saturday. The team's first win in this category dates back to the 2021 Arctic X Prix.
  • Chip Ganassi Racing won the "Continental Traction Challenge" on Sunday for the third time. The team previously achieved this when it was introduced at the 2021 Ocean X Prix and at the inaugural Island X Prix this year.

Continental Traction Challenge

The section of the track called the "Continental Traction Challenge", where the fastest team can earn two extra championship points per race day, was again timed as a separate sector with its own timing in addition to the usual three track sectors at the second Island X Prix. As in the previous season, the team with the fastest individual time in this sector did not win, but the best cumulative team time of both male and female driver counted.

In Sardinia, Andretti Altawkilat prevailed in this section on Saturday and Chip Ganassi Racing on Sunday. Chip Ganassi driver RJ Anderson set the fastest individual time in the special section, ahead of RXR driver Johan Kristoffersson.

Sector & lap best times

The regular sector best times went to Rosberg X Racing's Johan Kristoffersson, Chip Ganassi Racing's RJ Anderson and Andretti Altawkilat's Timmy Hansen. Kristoffersson set the fastest overall lap at the Island X Prix. All the fastest times were set on Sunday.

The fastest times in the first section of the track were set exclusively on the lap after the driver switch: The drivers were able to shorten the distance after the switch zone and set faster times than on the much longer way around the circuit.

Lap time comparison within teams

Comparison of lap times between drivers of the same team is also much easier at the second Island X Prix than at most other races, as all pilots did two laps each due to the rather short track. After the second lap, they had to steer into the switch zone, where a speed limit of 30 km/h applied. Therefore, we added up the sector best times of the drivers.

The figures show that once again no woman was faster than her male teammate in Sardinia. Catie Munnings came closest to her teammate Timmy Hansen. Positions 1 to 8 were occupied by male pilots. On average, the men clocked a best time of 1:53.298 minutes, the women of 1:56.792 minutes.

The biggest gap was between Timo Scheider and Lia Block at Carl Cox Motorsport. But the gab between the drivers at JBXE and Neom McLaren was also more than five seconds.

Gender ranking

Who were the fastest men and the fastest women at the Island X Prix? Based on their personal best sector times, we have calculated an overall lap time. Johan Kristoffersson was the clear leader among the men. In the women's category, Catie Munnings narrowly beat Cristina Gutierrez and Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky.

Ranked male drivers

Ranking female drivers

Cockpit swap in the switch zone

An additional challenge in Extreme E is the driver switch. For safety reasons, the first pilot is not allowed to undo the seatbelts until the car has come to a standstill and is in neutral. Then at least 45 seconds must pass before shifting back into forward gear. The quickest cockpit switch at the second Island X Prix was achieved by Rosberg X Racing, but five teams were within less than two tenths of a second of each other.

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