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Video: Extreme H reaches 1st milestone with successful prototype chassis test

Tim Neuhaus

Tim Neuhaus

From 2025, Extreme H is to be held alongside the Extreme E. The aim is to create an innovative and sustainable off-road championship powered by hydrogen fuel cells. After the announcement of the championship in August the plan to start as early as 2025 seemed ambitious. Recently, however, the Extreme H has already reached the first milestone and completed its first successful chassis test.

The test run was part of a rigorous testing programme designed to ensure that the Extreme H chassis is ready for market launch in 2024. "Preparations for the launch of the Extreme H are well underway and conducting a successful first test run of the prototype chassis for the series is a key milestone," said Mark Grain, Technical Director of Extreme E.

Responsible for the new Extreme H chassis is Spark Racing Technology, as with the Extreme E and Formula E projects. "We have made great progress in preparing for the launch of Extreme H in 2025. We are very pleased about this," said Extreme H founder Alejandro Agag.

The Spaniard is very pleased with Spark's work - as is Mark Grain: "It was a tremendous team effort and this first step would not have been possible without the support of Spark Racing Technology, who have done an impressive job."

New hydrogen working group together with F1 & FIA

In the course of setting up the hydrogen racing series, representatives of the FIA, Formula 1 and Extreme H founded a joint working group. The members include Pat Symonds (F1 Chief Technical Officer), Nikolas Tombazis (FIA Single-Seater Director) and Mark Grain. The aim of the group is to assess the benefits of hydrogen in motorsport and the mobility sector.

The foundations for the start as an FIA championship were laid at the beginning of the year. However, the clear objective is to become an FIA World Championship - preferably by 2026. The title of "World Championship" would place Extreme H on a par with Formula 1 and Formula E, as one of seven FIA World Championships.

Extreme H: Test premiere with hydrogen racing car

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