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2024 Formula E race calendar set to grow to 18 races: new E-Prix in Malaga & Tokyo, Jakarta at night?

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

The 2024 race calendar is expected to be the largest in Formula E history: A week before the official announcement of the calendar, the colleagues from The Race report that for the first time 18 races are to take place in the tenth season. With Malaga and Tokyo, there would be two new cities on the itinerary. Portland, surprisingly, would again be the only US race. The Jakarta E-Prix could become a night race.

As already this year, the season opener would not be held until mid-January in Mexico City. Formula E would travel in the 2-week rhythm over Diriyah and Hyderabad to Cape Town, before in the middle of March again the Brazil race in Sao Paulo is to take place.

At the end of March, there is supposed to be the first change from 2023: Formula E could then race in Japan for the first time in its history. Together with Tokyo, the series already signed a memorandum of understanding last year to hold a race in 2024.

After that, a double-header in Rome is expected to kick off the European season, which would see the Italian capital return to its traditional spot in mid-April. Via Monaco, the journey is likely to lead to Berlin, where two races are to be held again on May 11 and 12. Not a good date for some drivers, teams and especially many fans in Germany.

Because according to current plans, the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and the 6-hour World Endurance Championship (WEC) race at Spa-Francorchamps are also scheduled to take place that weekend in addition to the Berlin E-Prix. The clash of Formula E and WEC in particular is viewed more than critically, as six drivers currently compete in both FIA World Championships. So it remains to be seen whether the Berlin race date will stand.

Malaga in pole position, Jakarta at night?

After Berlin, the debut of the Malaga E-Prix is planned. Formula E would thus hold a race in Spain for the second time in its history after Valencia in 2021. However, with contracts with the country's sixth-largest city yet to be signed, the racing series also has an alternative up its sleeve: Seoul could be added to the calendar again after 2022.

This slot would also be a good logistical fit for a race in South Korea, as Formula E afterwards is to head to Jakarta. The two races in the Indonesian capital could be held as night races for the first time, according to information from Il Messaggero. Good for fans in Europe, who would no longer have to struggle out of bed at 5:40 a.m. for qualifying.

According to the report, Portland and London would form the conclusion of the 2024 racing calendar. The city in Oregon would remain on the race calendar as a replacement for a planned E-Prix in Los Angeles, which, however, could not be realized until 2025 at the earliest. The season finale in the British capital is to be held a week earlier than this year to avoid overlapping with the Olympic Games. The major international sporting event will begin in Paris on July 26, 2024.

Formula E is set to publish a first official draft of its 2024 race calendar early next week. We assume that there will not be too many deviations from the aforementioned schedule.

Potential Formula E race calendar 2024

Race Date City / Country
01 13.01.2024 Mexico City / Mexico
02 26.01.2024 Diriyah / Saudi Arabia
03 27.01.2024 Diriyah / Saudi Arabia
04 10.02.2024 Hyderabad / India
05 24.02.2024 Cape Town / South Africa
06 16.03.2024 Sao Paulo / Brazil
07 30.03.2024 Tokyo / Japan
08 13.04.2024 Rome / Italy
09 14.04.2024 Rome / Italy
10 27.04.2024 Monaco / Monaco
11 11.05.2024 Berlin / Germany
12 12.05.2024 Berlin / Germany
13 25.05.2024 Malaga / Spain, alternative: Seoul / South Korea
14 08.06.2024 Jakarta / Indonesia
15 09.06.2024 Jakarta / Indonesia
16 29.06.2024 Portland / USA
17 20.07.2024 London / United Kingdom
18 21.07.2024 London / United Kingdom


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