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ABT driver di Grassi is looking forward to his Formula E home race in Sao Paulo: "The venue is unique"

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This Saturday (16 March), Formula E will start for the second time in its history in the Brazilian metropolis of Sao Paulo - the home city of ABT Cupra driver Lucas di Grassi. He wants to score his first points of the season with ABT at his personal highlight of the season. In a brief interview, he explains the emotional significance of the E-Prix for him.

Lucas, you've been working towards a race in Sao Paulo for many years. How did it finally become a reality in 2023?

We have actually been working on this race for ten years - Rio was the first circuit that Formula E ever announced and that I designed back then. Then, for various reasons, it never worked out until last year when everything finally fell into place. And the good thing is that it's a long-term deal with Sao Paulo, so Formula E will be racing in this fantastic city for a long time to come.

What does a race in your home city mean to you?

A lot. Even though I've lived mainly in Monaco for 13 years now and have raced there in many categories, Sao Paulo is very special: my friends live here, my family lives here. To do what I love most in front of my compatriots is a very special, emotional moment.

What are the challenges of the Formula E track in Sao Paulo?

The venue is unique: where our start-finish straight is, that's where the colorful floats go during Carnival. The straight is more than 700 meters long and we reach a speed of around 270 km/h there. On the back straight, behind the carnival area, the track has a different surface, changing from concrete to normal tarmac. There are also several 90 degree turns. It may not be the most difficult track, but it guarantees great racing with overtaking manoeuvres.

What can people expect from the Formula E race in Sao Paulo?

Brazilians are motorsport enthusiasts and will make the event a real highlight of the calendar. We are expecting 30,000 to 40,000 spectators who, after last year's inaugural event, are looking forward to a great day at the track (2023: 23,000 spectators:inside).

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