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Grid penalty for Hughes in London: All Formula E penalties at the Portland E-Prix at a glance

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

In Portland, it will once again be the task of the race stewards of the FIA to check compliance with the Technical and Sporting Regulations. In the event of an offence, they must decide on the penalty. As usual, you will find a list of all decisions made by the Formula E race stewards in this article.

Gerd Ennser, Achim Loth and Sydney Davis-Yagel will take on this task at the 2024 Portland E-Prix. They will be supported by former racing driver Johnny Unser. The 65-year-old American comes from one of the country's most famous motorsport families. His two uncles Al and Bobby Unser and his cousin Al Unser Jr. all won the Indy 500 and the IndyCar Series or its predecessor series. Johnny, on the other hand, was denied greater success as a racing driver.

Penalties ahead of the Portland E-Prix

  • Sam Bird received a five places grid penalty for the first race in Portland for causing a collision with Nyck de Vries.
  • Lucas di Grassi received a three places grid penalty for forcing Dan Ticktum off the track in Shanghai.
  • Lucas di Grassi was demoted another three places on the grid for also pushing Jehan Daruvala off the track.

Penalties in free practice on Friday and Saturday

  • Stoffel Vandoorne was fined €1,500 for charging the battery on his car to 83 per cent more than the battery manufacturer WAE had specified for the session.
  • Sergio Sette Camara also received a fine of 1,500 euros. The battery on his ERT was even 89 per cent charged before the first free practice session.
  • Norman Nato received a reprimand for exceeding the speed limit during the Full Course Yellow in Free Practice 1. As Nato had already done the same thing in Shanghai and previously in Diriyah, this was reprimand number 3, meaning he automatically received a ten places grid penalty.
  • Nyck de Vries was fined 1,500 euros because the charge level of his battery was below the minimum specified at the end of the first free practice session.
  • Sergio Sette Camara received a further fine of 1,000 euros because a mechanic had worked on the vehicle when it was ready to drive. This is prohibited for safety reasons.
  • DS Penske received a fine of 5,000 euros because a guest of the team was caught working: despite having a bronze-coloured pass, the holder was found in a restricted area of the circuit during the first free practice session, where he was taking notes on the tyres of the competitors. Bronze-coloured pass holders are strictly forbidden to carry out any kind of work. For the race in London, the team will also be issued one less yellow pass. Holders of yellow passes are authorised to work on the cars. The reason for the penalty is strongly reminiscent of last year, when DS Penske was penalised for installing illegal RFID scanners in the pit lane in order to be able to read the tyre information of its competitors.

  • Nyck de Vries received a reprimand for hitting a tyre in the pit lane with his Mahindra. The race stewards ruled that the Dutchman had no need to turn into the fast lane in the angle he did. He should have known that there could be tyres located in the pit stop area during free practice, even if he could not see them from the cockpit. He had thus endangered other people in the pit lane.
  • Max Günther was fined 1,500 euros because the charge level of his battery was below the specified minimum at the end of the second free practice session.

Penalties during and after qualifying on Saturday

  • Several of Sergio Sette Camara's lap times were cancelled because the ERT driver used more than the maximum permitted 300 kW of power in group qualifying.
  • Sergio Sette Camara also received a three places grid penalty for impeding Jean-Eric Vergne in qualifying. He also received a penalty point on his racing licence.
  • Sebastien Buemi was demoted 20 positions on the grid because the MGU on his car was changed. As he was unable to complete this penalty from 11th on the grid, he was also handed a drive-through penalty, which he will have to serve at the end of the first lap in the race.

Penalties during the race on Saturday

  • Mitch Evans was given a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Jake Hughes. The race stewards also handed out a penalty point for the Jaguar driver.
  • Maximilian Günther received a three positions grid penalty for Sunday's race after causing a collision with Pascal Wehrlein. Günther also received a further penalty point.
  • Jehan Daruvala was handed a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with team-mate Max Günther. Here too, the stewards awarded a penalty point.
  • Dan Ticktum subsequently received a five-second time penalty for not respecting the race director's instructions. These stipulated that if a driver misses the chicane at the end of the start-finish straight, he must stop before being allowed back onto the track after the chicane.

Decisions after the free practice on Sunday

  • Jaguar exercised its right to review the time penalty for Mitch Evans: using the data from the lap before the collision, the team wanted to prove that Evans had tried to avoid contact with Hughes. The race stewards allowed this appeal, but decided that Evans could have done more to prevent the collision. The decision was therefore upheld.
  • Maserati also had the grid penalty for Max Günther reviewed. The onboard cameras showed that Günther was squeezed before the contact with Pascal Wehrlein occurred. Therefore, the stewards decided that no driver was solely responsible for this contact and the penalty was therefore cancelled.

Penalties during qualifying on Sunday

  • Sebastien Buemi's lap times on his second set of tyres were cancelled because the tyre pressure was below the minimum value specified by supplier Hankook. As a result, the Swiss driver lost a position in his qualifying group.
  • Dan Ticktum was fined 500 euros for not attending on time for the obligatory autograph session.
  • Team-mate Sergio Sette Camara was also fined 500 euros for being late for the autograph session.

Penalties during and after the race on Sunday

  • Sebastien Buemi received a drive-through penalty because his Envision car was again under-inflated to the minimum tyre pressure. The same offence had already been committed in qualifying.
  • Sacha Fenestraz was handed a five-second time penalty for pushing Jake Hughes off the track. The Nissan driver also received a penalty point on his racing licence.
  • Jake Hughes was given a three places grid drop for his next Formula E race after causing a collision with Edoardo Mortara. Hughes also received a penalty point for the incident.

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