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David Coulthard: "In that respect, Formula E absolutely delivers"

Tim Neuhaus

Tim Neuhaus

As a former Formula 1 vice-champion, multiple race winner and someone with great commitment to motorsport even after his active career, David Coulthard is one of the most recognisable voices on the scene. It was recently announced that Coulthard will be part of the presenting team for the new English-language TV programme. He already seems to be full of anticipation...

"I love the fact that as someone with very little patience, and a need for being entertained, Formula E is all condensed into one very exciting day," said the former McLaren Formula 1 driver at a media day organised by TNT Sports. "In that respect, Formula E absolutely delivers."

But the Formula E race day is not just something special for spectators. According to Coulthard, the drivers also benefit: "But as a race driver, to have the opportunity to turn up with consequence and know that the practice session leads directly to your qualifying session, which leads directly to race day, it gets an adrenaline-fuelled period of time where we're focused on absolute commitment."

"Formula E is the fastest form of electric racing that we have on a closed circuit," clarifies the 52-year-old. "It is a mature racing product that's got great respect within the motorsport community."

Coulthard praises world champion Dennis

It's not just the racing format that has Coulthard singing its praises, he is also impressed by the reigning Formula E world champion: "Jake Dennis earned this World Championship across an exciting season. But maybe the fair weather fans of F1 and motorsport aren't aware that Jake has had an integral part in the success of Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 and what they do."

Dennis drove the first test drives for Red Bull's Formula 1 programme in 2018. He still does simulator work today and most recently drove the Formula 1 car in Abu Dhabi.

The company Whisper will produce the English world signal of the Formula E transmission from season 10 and was co-founded by David Coulthard. Together, they want to set new standards and build on their success in other motorsport categories, including Formula 1. As a result, we are likely to hear a lot more of Coulthard's expertise in the upcoming Formula E season. "I'm looking forward to celebrating the future of mobility within the Formula E community," said the Scot.

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