Formula E Season Awards 2023: Jake Dennis & Mitch Evans each awarded 2 gold medals

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

The decisions at the Season Awards 2023 have been made. After a public fan vote combined with a jury vote, Jake Dennis and Mitch Evans each scooped five awards, including two golds each. Nick Cassidy followed in the medal stand with four awards. In addition, Max Günther, Antonio Felix da Costa, Pascal Wehrlein and Jake Hughes each took one Gold Award.

As in the previous year, the evaluation was based in part on facts and statistics that we have collected over the course of the season. In addition, however, there was again a public voting, in which numerous international Formula E fans participated. The higher weighted result of the poll was combined with voting by an international jury of experts. In addition to the editorial team, our media colleagues Sam Smith (The Race), Robert Seiwert (Motorsport-Magazin) and Mattia Eccheli (Il Messaggero) took part in our voting this year. We say thank you to everyone for participating!

Driver of the Year

The world champion is not automatically also "Driver of the Year". Nevertheless, Jake Dennis was the best in 2023. In our Driver Ratings after each E-Prix, he collected an average score of 8.09 out of 10 over the season. The second-best driver was Mitch Evans (7.86), who finished ahead of runner-up Nick Cassidy (7.80).

Team of the Year

The team of the year is Envision Racing. In the end, Jaguar's customer team not only prevailed in the world championship, but also in our voting. And it did so unanimously: Envision received the most votes in the public fan voting, and our seven-member jury also chose Sylvain Filippi's team as the winner. Jaguar TCS Racing came in second, ahead of Avalanche Andretti - the same top three order as in the world championship standings.

Qualifier of the Year

The best driver of the year in qualifying was Mitch Evans. He went into the race averaging 5.6 on the grid - farther ahead than anyone else. Jake Dennis came in with a strong average grid position of 6.3 despite using a Porsche powertrain for which the qualifying was a weak spot. Third place in this category went to Envision driver Sebastien Buemi (7.6), who even finished ahead of his teammate Cassidy.

Racer of the Year

In the races, however, Jake Dennis was the best. The Briton finished in an average position of 5.8. Nick Cassidy averaged 6.4th place, while Pascal Wehrlein's three wins gave him a score of 6.6, putting him in 3rd place.

Mr. Consistency

In terms of consistency, no one was fooling the German, though. We based this category on the number of top-10 results. Pascal Wehrlein finished in the points in 15 of 16 races - by far the most. Jake Dennis (2nd place), Mitch Evans (3rd place) and Sebastien Buemi (4th place) each finished in the top 10 twelve times, so we took the final world championship position as the deciding factor. Buemi therefore came away empty-handed.

Rookie of the Year

The only Formula E rookie to contest the entire season was Jake Hughes. Finishing twelfth in the world championship, he also completed the year as the best rookie. But even irrespective of this, the McLaren driver was able to regularly surprise in a positive way, especially in the first half of the season. As a result, he beat his much more experienced teammate Rene Rast, although he was still denied a podium.

In 2nd and 3rd place were rookies Roberto Merhi (Mahindra) and Kelvin van der Linde (ABT), with David Beckmann (Andretti) behind them. However, all three failed to score any points in their races. The best individual race results thus decided their positions.

Leader of the Year

The most lead laps in 2023 were accumulated by Nick Cassidy (122). Second place in that category went to Mitch Evans, who totaled 83 laps in first position. World champion Jake Dennis led the field for "only" 77 laps to finish third.

Standout Performance of the Year

The best driving performance in a single race was shown by Maximilian Günther on Sunday of the Jakarta E-Prix. The German decided all of the day's sessions in his favour and confidently claimed the first victory for Maserati since Juan Manuel Fangio.

Similarly impressive were the performances of Antonio Felix da Costa in Cape Town - also thanks to terrific overtaking maneuvers - and Jean-Eric Vergne in Hyderabad. The Frenchman defended himself with great class and earned DS Penske its only win of the season despite an inferior car.

Recovery Drive of the Year

The most position gains in a race were achieved by Mitch Evans. The New Zealander moved up a total of 16 places at the Portland E-Prix. This catch-up of the year still earned him fourth place in the race in the end. Max Günther (Berlin; Sunday) and Jean-Eric Vergne (Monaco) each made up 15 positions. As a result, Günther finished in sixth place and Vergne in seventh respectively. This ultimately decided between Silver and Bronze.

Overtake of the Year

The overtaking maneuver of the year was clearly delivered by Antonio Felix da Costa in Cape Town - fans and jury agreed. Even before that, the Portuguese had spectacularly passed Nick Cassidy. Towards the end of the race, he dared a similar but even more spectacular attack on Jean-Eric Vergne. The bold maneuver earned him his only win of the season and a lot of respect.

Places 2 and 3 both went to Nick Cassidy. On Berlin Sunday, he set off on a courageous attack on the inside lane in turn 6, overtaking three competitors: Evans, Felix da Costa and Dennis. In the end he won the race. At the Monaco E-Prix, the "Kiwi" simultaneously overtook his world championship rivals Jake Dennis and Mitch Evans with a surprise attack in the hairpin. Here, too, victory followed.

Race of the Year

The race of the year was the inaugural Cape Town E-Prix. Action, drama in the championship battle and high-class racing - the vote of the public and jury was clear here. However, Saturday's turbulent race in London was also very well received: Not only did the title decision fall in that penultimate race of the season. The collision between the Envision teammates, the duel between Andretti and Porsche and numerous accidents also provided plenty to talk about. The third-best race was Saturday's run in Berlin - Tempelhof can produce good racing after all!

Livery of the Year

The Gold Award for the best car livery this year went to Maserati MSG Racing, who brought more blue to Formula E. Second place went to Nio 333 Racing and third to Nissan with its cherry blossom livery. However, opinions differed in this category. Porsche, DS Penske, ABT Cupra and McLaren also received votes from the jury - the latter team even for its regular and its AI livery in London.


Medal Stand 2023

Driver Total Gold Silver Bronze
Jake Dennis 5 2 2 1
Mitch Evans 5 2 2 1
Nick Cassidy 4 1 2 1
Max Günther 2 1 1 0
Antonio Felix da Costa 2 1 1 0
Pascal Wehrlein 2 1 0 1
Jean-Eric Vergne 2 0 0 2
Jake Hughes 1 1 0 0
Roberto Merhi 1 0 1 0
Sebastien Buemi 1 0 0 1
Kelvin van der Linde 1 0 0 1


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