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Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds hints at talks with Ferrari: "Would elevate the championship"

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Is Formula E talking to Ferrari about entering the series? "Maybe," CEO Jeff Dodds recently revealed to the colleagues at Autosport. The Briton sees great potential in a commitment from the Italians, although they are still keeping a low profile. Strategically, a Formula E entry could make sense for Ferrari.

The sports car manufacturer is opening its first own factory for the production of electric cars and batteries next month. The first all-electric Ferrari is due to be launched on the market at the end of 2025. Hardly any other car manufacturer is as synonymous with motorsport as the "prancing horse". So why not use the powerful Gen4 era, which begins at the end of 2026, to promote the future of Ferrari?

Talks are apparently underway between Ferrari and Formula E. "Maybe," says series boss Dodds, without confirming the contact directly. "They've announced an electrification plant in Italy and talked about a future electrical line for them. Clearly, I'd rather have them in than not in."

For Formula E, Ferrari would be like winning the lottery in terms of visibility. "I think what Ferrari bring is, other than more motorsport credibility, they bring this loyal fanbase, the tifosi, which is unbelievable. So I think in terms of attracting legacy motorsport fans to come and look at our motorsport, I think Ferrari would do a great job of that."

Ferrari CEO Vigna: "Believe in the need for new technologies"

Formula E already has sports car manufacturers with a great motorsport history on board, such as Porsche and Maserati. But Dodds is certain: "It would elevate the championship." Whether Ferrari would be a real game changer or contribute to exponential growth remains to be seen. "But clearly, they sit on a branch of their own."

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna recently spoke on the subject of electrification when it came to the opening of the new "E-Building": "We believe in the future, in the need for new technologies, and we must be ready for that." Also on the race track?

When asked about Formula E by Autosport, a press spokesperson replied: "Our focus today is on F1 and endurance." Ferrari is also taking racing into new areas, namely onto the water. The Italians recently announced their first involvement in sailing. It remains to be seen whether electric racing will be added in the coming years.

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