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Formula E in Berlin: Antonio Felix da Costa wins Sunday's race on Porsche's home ground

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Antonio Felix da Costa won the second race of the Berlin E-Prix on Sunday. The Porsche driver celebrated his ninth Formula E victory and relegated Nick Cassidy and Oliver Rowland to second place. However, it was not a good day for Max Günther: the Maserati driver retired after an accident and, according to information from, had to be examined for a possible hand injury.

Cassidy took the lead at the start ahead of Dennis and Nato. The first contact occurred in turn 6: Mitch Evans damaged his front wing and Pascal Wehrlein was pushed into the wall by Norman Nato. Nick Cassidy activated his first attack mode on the third lap and dropped back behind Wehrlein and Dennis.

Many drivers with early Attack Mode

At the back of the field, eleven other drivers activated Attack Mode at the same time. Wehrlein and Dennis followed another lap later. Wehrlein retained the lead, while Dennis dropped back behind Cassidy, Nato and Evans. One lap later, Wehrlein activated his second attack mode, while Norman Nato also took to the loops at the same time.

Cassidy took the lead ahead of Evans, Felix da Costa, Wehrlein, Nato and Vandoorne. Meanwhile, race control investigated the incident between Nato and Wehrlein. After both Jaguar drivers had activated attack mode, Felix da Costa led ahead of Wehrlein. Nato lost several positions after contact with a wall. Meanwhile, Mortara collided with Cassidy and briefly lost contact with the ground, but both were able to continue.

Max Günther retires after accident

Rowland worked his way forward with several hard manoeuvres, colliding several times with rivals, including Mitch Evans. Then Max Günther was on the side of the track: the German had collided with Norman Nato. Race control sent the Safety Car onto the track to recover the Maserati. However, Günther was able to continue shortly afterwards. He parked the car in the pits and got out. He went to the medical centre shortly afterwards due to a suspected hand injury.

After the restart, Cassidy took the lead, with Rowland, the two Porsche drivers, Evans and Dennis battling for positions behind him. The two DS Penske drivers activated their pending attack mode and dropped back to 9th and 11th place. This meant that all the drivers in the top 10 except Evans and Mortara had used their two attack modes.

Dennis and Wehrlein with many contacts

Dennis pushed Wehrlein into the wall shortly afterwards, with Vandoorne colliding with Fenestraz behind him. The Belgian lost his front wing, the Nissan was briefly on two wheels, but was able to continue. Vandoorne, on the other hand, had to pit and have a new front wing fitted.

Rowland, meanwhile, was shown the black and white caution flag for his driving behaviour. Felix da Costa pulled away at the front, the gap to Rowland was already more than a second. Nato and Fenestraz collided in turn 3 and slid into the wall. While Nato was able to continue, Fenestraz had to park the car with a broken front suspension. Race control sent the safety car onto the track again.

Felix da Costa led ahead of Rowland, Cassidy, Evans, Dennis and Wehrlein. Shortly after the restart, Wehrlein attacked Dennis and the cars touched again. One lap later, the next contact between the two, Dennis lost momentum and had to fend off attacks from Vergne.

Evans loses top position due to driving error

Evans took the lead, behind him Cassidy caught up with Felix da Costa. Behind them, Dennis and Wehrlein came into contact again. Felix da Costa attacked Evans, but the New Zealander hit the brakes in an attempt to fend off the attack. Felix da Costa went past again.

Evans activated his missing Attack Mode and dropped behind Rowland and Cassidy. Behind them, Taylor Barnard had worked his way up to sixth place. Race control announced that the race would be extended by three laps due to the Safety Car phases.

Rowland defended against Evans' attacks, with Wehrlein attacking Cassidy behind him, who also blocked the attack. On the following lap, Cassidy pushed past Evans and was now third, and shortly afterwards the championship leader also passed Rowland.

Felix da Costa secures home victory

Evans braked again and had to let Wehrlein and Dennis pass him. Barnard was now behind him, but had an enervie advantage. Nevertheless, he lost a place to Jehan Daruvala shortly before the finish. However, nothing more changed at the front: Felix da Costa won the race ahead of Cassidy and Rowland. Behind them, Wehrlein, Dennis and Evans crossed the finish line. Daruvala, Barnard, Eriksson and Vergne completed the Top 10.

World championship lead. Among the teams, Jaguar continues to hold a commanding lead ahead of Porsche and Nissan. The next Formula E race will take place in just under two weeks: On 25 May, the electric series will race in Shanghai for the first time in its history. Before that, however, the rookie test will take place in Berlin.

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