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Formula E in London: Jake Dennis will already be world champion on Saturday, if...

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

There are just two races left in the 2023 Formula E World Championship, and Andretti driver Jake Dennis travels to his home races in London with a 24-point lead. With a good result, he can secure the world championship title as early as Saturday. What has to happen for this, you will learn in this article.

Since a driver can grab a maximum of 29 points per race day (25 for winning the race, 3 for pole position and 1 for the fastest race lap in the top 10), Dennis needs a 30-point lead over his immediate rivals. So he would need to increase the 24-point lead by at least six points.

He definitely needs to finish the race in the points on Saturday to become champion. The bonus points for pole position alone are not enough to decide the championship. He would also always have to finish ahead of Nick Cassidy. Since the championship decision necessarily hinges on Dennis' finish in Saturday's race, you'll find a listing below, broken down by the Andretti driver's possible results.

Note: The bonus point for the fastest lap in the top 10 has minimal influence, so we've left it out of the consideration of possible constellations. Otherwise, the number of scenarios would be tripled again.

P1 for Jake Dennis

If Dennis wins Saturday's race in the British capital, the championship is almost decided, because Nick Cassidy would have to get pole position and second place in the race to postpone the decision. A 28-point lead wouldn't be enough for Dennis, and even the fastest lap wouldn't do him any good, as he travels to London with one win less than Cassidy (2:3), which would tip the scales in Cassidy's favour if the points were tied.

P2 for Jake Dennis

If Dennis finishes second from the pole position, Cassidy would have to win the race to postpone the decision. In the event that Cassidy scores the pole position and Dennis finishes second in the race, 5th place would be enough for the New Zealander to postpone the decision. If neither driver scores the pole, it would even have to be at least 4th place for Cassidy.

P3 for Jake Dennis

If Dennis starts from pole and subsequently finishes third, he would be champion should Cassidy not make it into the top five. If Cassidy gets pole, 6th place would be enough for the New Zealander to postpone the decision.

P4 for Jake Dennis

With a fourth-place finish, Dennis needs pole position to win the title if Cassidy finishes sixth. With a seventh or eighth place finish, he would additionally need pole position to postpone the decision. At the same time, however, Mitch Evans is unlikely to take the win from pole: That would allow the Jaguar driver to postpone the decision.

P5 for Jake Dennis

Should Evans win, Dennis needs pole position to avoid being caught by the Jaguar driver. In this case, Cassidy is likely to finish seventh at most for the title to go to the Briton. Should Cassidy take pole, ninth place will be enough for the Envision driver to postpone the decision.

P6 for Jake Dennis

With a 6th-place finish and pole at the same time, neither an Evans win nor 8th place for Cassidy is enough to postpone. Should Cassidy score the 3 points in qualifying, a single point in the race will be enough for the New Zealander to keep the title fight open, at least in theory. Wehrlein, on the other hand, would have to take pole position and victory to prevent Dennis from winning the title.

P7 for Jake Dennis

That would be the first constellation in which a second-place finish combined with pole position would be enough for Mitch Evans to move the decision to Sunday. With a Dennis pole, 10th place would be enough for Cassidy to postpone. With a Cassidy pole, on the other hand, the decision would automatically be postponed. Likewise if Wehrlein were to win the race.

P8 for Jake Dennis

Once again, a win or second place from pole is enough for Evans to postpone the decision. Dennis would need pole position in addition to eighth place if Cassidy finishes no better than tenth. A win by Wehrlein would also ensure that the decision would not be made until Sunday.

P9 or worse for Jake Dennis

With 2nd place or pole position as well as 3rd place, Evans can keep the decision open. The same applies to Wehrlein with 2nd place in conjunction with pole position. Should Dennis additionally take pole position, Cassidy may not finish in the points. Without the pole position, Dennis cannot bring about the decision on Saturday with 9th place.

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