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Formula E races in Tempelhof bring Berlin economic benefits of 81 million euros

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The 2023 Berlin E-Prix of Formula E has brought the German capital Berlin an economic benefit of 81 million euros. This is according to an analysis by Nielsen Sports Analysis, the results of which were made public by the electric racing series last week.

More than 33,300 people attended or supported the race weekend in Tempelhof on April 22 and 23. Most spectators (61 percent) came thereby from outside Berlin and made investments in the local economy. Both races were broadcast live in more than 150 countries around the world. The study reports the following revenues.

  • 81 million euros in direct, indirect and induced impacts from spending in the Berlin region for the 2023 Berlin E-Prix
  • 10.2 million euros from stakeholder events and exhibitions, including activities by title partner SABIC, ABT Cupra, Porsche and Nissan, and Formula E partners Allianz, Hankook, BOSS and Julius Baer
  • 5.9 million euros for hotels and accommodation in the region
  • 5.3 million euros of media value created in TV, online, print, and social media
  • 3.0 million euros spent on food and beverages at local restaurants
  • 2.7 million euros spent on retail and local tourism

"The Berlin E-Prix is a great addition to the annual calendar of events in our capital city, and I am proud that Berlin has hosted an event every year since Formula E came into existence," says Kai Wegner, Governing Mayor of Berlin. "Formula E racing events offer visitors the extraordinary combination of spectacular racing, diverse entertainment and interesting facts from the world of e-mobility."

Mayor Wegner: "Glad to welcome Formula E also next year"

"The enormous economic added value and global media appeal of Formula E make this partnership additionally significant for the city," Wegner continues. "I look forward to welcoming Formula E to Tempelhof airport again next year for its tenth anniversary, and I support the good cooperation to ensure that Berlin remains an integral part of the international racing calendar."

Alberto Longo, co-founder and Chief Championship Officer of Formula E, adds: "Berlin feels like home for Formula E. We are very grateful to the city and we continue to be grateful for the incredible support of the city of Berlin, Sportmetropole Berlin and Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, which enables us to race in the city every year."

"Through this close collaboration, Formula E is able to bring significant economic benefits to Berlin, amounting to 81 million euros this year. We look forward to returning next season and continuing this strong partnership," said Longo.

On May 11 and 12, 2024, Formula E will return to Berlin. Ticket sales normally start around Christmas time.

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