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Formula E interview with Nissan driver Sacha Fenestraz (1/2): "Didn't expect the season to go like this"

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Sacha Fenestraz completed his first full Formula E season with Nissan in 2023 and impressed many in the paddock, even if it wasn't yet enough to secure his first podium. In an exclusive XXL interview with, he takes stock. This first part of the interview focuses on the sporting side of things: his first year at Nissan, old rivalries and his goals for 2024.

After your short-termed debut at the 2022 Seoul E-Prix for Dragon, you completed your first full Formula E season this year - with some highlights. Did the year go as planned for you?

I honestly didn't expect the season to go like this. I had actually prepared myself for it to be a pure learning process. I didn't know the tracks and the energy management was also something completely new to me. Nevertheless, we achieved a pole position and were very close to the podium in Cape Town (see photo) right up to the last lap. I'm very happy with my first season.

It was also a reunion with your old companion and rival Nick Cassidy, with whom there was also some friction this year...

We had our fight in Cape Town this year, which unfortunately didn't end well for me (Fenestraz had to retire after contact, Cassidy finished third). But back then in Japan, we were team-mates and had some really interesting duels on the track. He was very fast this year - all four Jaguars were incredibly quick. I hope that I can fight for good results with him again next year.

Last season, your team-mate Norman Nato also showed strong pace towards the end of the season and achieved good results for the team. However, he has since had to leave the team.

I will miss him very much. At the same time, I'm very happy for him that he has signed with Andretti. He has a great opportunity there, maybe even to fight for the title. He's just a great person, also off the track. We had a great teamwork.

In his place at Nissan is now Oliver Rowland. What do you think of your new team-mate?

I can learn a lot from him, he is extremely talented. A few years ago, it wouldn't have taken much for him to end up in Formula 1. He has always worked for F1 teams, that says it all. He also has a lot of experience in Formula E. It's great for me to be able to compete with such a talented driver. I think I will benefit from him.

Looking at your experience of the 2023 season and the upward Nissan form curve in recent months: What are your goals for the coming year?

Difficult to say, because every team will bring a lot of updates for the new season. Everyone will be much faster. I just want to be more consistent in the top 6, top 7 every weekend. That has been one of our weaknesses so far. I hope that I can achieve some podium results. We've already come close this year in Cape Town and Jakarta. That's definitely the goal.

This was the first part of our XXL interview with Sacha Fenestraz. In the second part, which will be published shortly on, the youngster talks about the future of motorsport, his career path and a possible reunion with F1 star Lando Norris.

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