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Formula E: Nissan driver Sacha Fenestraz uninjured following test accident in Spain

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Nissan driver Sacha Fenestraz had an accident during private Formula E testing in Spain just a few days after the Monaco E-Prix. The Franco-Argentine was uninjured, but was still examined in a hospital afterwards. The cause of the accident was apparently of a technical nature.

As reported by the colleagues of 'The Race', the accident happened on Tuesday evening after the Formula E race in Monaco. Nissan and its customer team McLaren had scheduled what should have been a private test lasting several days at Spain's Circuit de Calafat, where numerous Formula E manufacturers had already tested in recent years.

Fenestraz drove the Japanese manufacturer's test and development vehicle off the track and slammed into the guardrail, according to the report. The cause of the accident is not publicly known. The report, however, speculates that a faulty component on the Gen3 vehicle was the reason for the crash.

Fenestraz reportedly complained of mild back pain after his accident and was subsequently taken to a hospital near the track. After some routine examinations, the 23-year-old was able to leave the hospital quickly.

Nissan test cut short - not for the first time this season

Nevertheless, the accident did not remain without consequences. Nissan had to reduce the planned test time in Spain, most likely as a result of the more strongly damaged Nissan E-4ORCE 04.

After the successful event in Monaco - Fenestraz fetched the fourth place in the principality - Nissan has now suffered a second small setback in just a couple of weeks. Also before the Berlin E-Prix in April, the manufacturer had to cut a scheduled test short after an unspecified technical problem arose on the car.

It gets serious again for Nissan in just under two weeks. That's when Formula E returns to Jakarta. For the "double-header" in Indonesia, two rounds of the championship will again be on the agenda.

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