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Formula E presents new track layout for 2024 Berlin E-Prix & announces start of ticket sales

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Formula E presented a new track layout for the Berlin E-Prix on Tuesday. In 2024, the drivers will have to complete a 230 metre longer lap with 15 corners on the apron of the former Tempelhof Airport. The electric racing series also announced that ticket sales for the tenth Berlin E-Prix will start this Thursday (30 November).

The Berlin E-Prix will remain a fixture on the Formula E programme in 2024. Nowhere else has the electric racing series made more guest appearances. However, in its tenth year, the circuit in Tempelhof will have a new layout, totalling 2.585 km in length. Nevertheless, die-hard Formula E fans will recognise major similarities to the layout of previous years.

The most important change concerns the position of the start and finish straight, which is now located on the previous back straight. The pit lane will also be repositioned as a result. "The new layout also allows for new grandstand locations, giving spectators better views of the racing action and wider event space," explains Formula E.

The organisation also talks about "longer straights and more technical elements". According to our estimates, the two straights are likely to be of a similar length, and the notorious and technically demanding "snail curve" 1 has also been removed. A long left-hand bend (turns 12, 13 and 14) now includes several apexes. Other notable changes include the adaptation of bends 3 and 4, which now have a 90-degree angle (previously only about half as acute).

"Soul of the old circuit retained"

"In the history of Formula E, the Berlin E-Prix and its iconic location at Tempelhof Airport has always been a great and firm asset to our championship," says Claudia Denni, Head of Sport at Formula E. "The new layout for season 10 will create the right conditions for an even more thrilling race, with a faster, technical track and potential for higher top speeds."

Pablo Martino, FIA's Head of Sporting Affairs for Formula E, adds: "The new Berlin Tempelhof layout retains all the soul of the old circuit, while presenting new
challenges for drivers and teams - putting skill behind the wheel as well as efficiency and energy consumption truly to the test. The combination of fast, medium and slow-speed corners will give rise to a number of different set-up choices, handing the advantage to different drivers in different parts of the lap, while two major overtaking zones mean exciting races are guaranteed!"

As always, Formula E is supported by its local partners DMSB, ADAC and the state of Berlin in the sporting preparation and realisation of the event.

Ticket sales start on Thursday

In the course of the track presentation, Formula E also announced that ticket sales for the double-header on Saturday (11 May) and Sunday (12 May 2024) will start on Thursday (30 November 2023). Ticket prices - presumably for the Fan Village - will start at 10 euros. More information is not yet available. We will report on ticket sales in detail on Thursday.

Last season, fans were able to witness 190 overtaking manoeuvres, 53 lead changes and eight different front runners in the first race - a record at the Berlin circuit. In addition to the racing action, Formula E is promoting an all-day entertainment programme for the whole family with live music, racing simulators in the gaming arena and much more.

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