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"Front wing slid directly under my car" - Max Günther explains accident at Formula E home race in Berlin

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

For a long time, it looked as if Maximilian Günther could fight for the top positions in his home Formula E race in Berlin. However, the German then slid into the wall and had to retire. After the race, he explained to us what happened.

Max Günther had a crash on lap 29: After the first long left-hander, he pulled to the right and collided with Jake Hughes (McLaren), who was slightly behind him. He then slid into the wall with his Maserati and damaged his front end - a premature end to the race for the local favourite.

"I was on the inside and I just felt like he came to the left at the exit of the corner," Günther told "I don't know whether he had to avoid someone. He certainly didn't give me a chance to react. It wasn't a big contact, but enough to break the wing."

"Then the front wing slid directly under my car and the race was over," recalls Günther. "I had no more steering and crashed into the wall. The impact was actually relatively hard, but I'm fine."

The Maserati driver was happy with his pace though - and is accordingly disappointed about the DNF: "It's obviously a real shame, and I'm not happy with the race. But sometimes that's just the way it is. I think we had good pace - in all sessions. And we have some good ideas on how we can go one better tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it."

Miscalculation & crash for Daruvala

Günther's team-mate Jehan Daruvala also caused a stir. The Indian had started from the back of the grid and even had to serve another penalty. However, the safety car phases allowed him to catch up again and he was even in sixth place at one point - directly behind the leading group.

For the fans, it looked as though the Formula E rookie might even be in contention for the podium. "That's what I thought at one point too, but we had a small problem with the lap counter," Daruvala admits to "That was also the reason why I got so far forward (with an increased energy consumption). Nevertheless, we could perhaps have finished in the top 6."

However, this was not to be, as Daruvala crashed into the rear of Mahindra driver Edo Mortara on lap 41 of 46 and ultimately only finished 17th with major damage. "The end of the race was obviously frustrating - that was my mistake. I tried to avoid a car in front of me and drive into the gap, but they were very slow. When I hit the brakes, I was just a passenger and couldn't do anything."

The two Maserati drivers will have another chance of a good result on Sunday. The race in Tempelhof will start again at 3 p.m. (CEST).

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