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German manufacturer remains in Formula E: Porsche signs up for Gen4 era from 2026/27 season

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Good news for Formula E and German fans: Porsche has made a long-term commitment to the electric series. As the manufacturer from Zuffenhausen announced on Thursday morning, Porsche will also compete in the Gen4 era, meaning it will continue to compete in Formula E for at least four more years. The new generation of cars will be introduced with the 2026/27 season.

Porsche will therefore remain on board for at least two more Gen4 years, and possibly beyond. In the next four championship years, fans can therefore continue to look forward to duels between the manufacturers Porsche, Jaguar and Nissan - these two car makers had also previously committed to Gen4 - and their respective customer teams.

"Our commitment to Formula E has been long-term from the outset," explains Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for Research and Development at Porsche. "As one of the most competitive series in motorsport, it drives Porsche's technological excellence. The development of our racing cars demonstrates the enormous potential of e-mobility. In the future, we want to gain even more knowledge in Formula E and transfer this to our road-going sports cars."

Porsche Head of Motorsport Thomas Laudenbach adds: "Just like Formula E, we want to bring innovative technologies and more sustainability to motorsport - and be at the forefront of new developments. The world championship offers a first-class stage for this: sport at the highest level, global public interest and high technological relevance."

Porsche has been competing in Formula E since the sixth season (2019/20) and has already experienced the technological leap from Gen2 to Gen3. The electric racing cars currently have an output of 350 kW, a maximum recuperation power of 600 kW and reach a top speed of around 300 km/h. The upcoming "Gen3 Evo" vehicle upgrade will further increase performance with all-wheel drive and new tyres before the next major technological step is taken with the Gen4 car. Power output is then set to increase to up to 600 kW and recuperation power to up to 700 kW.

Formula E management "absolutely delighted"

Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E, is delighted that the German manufacturer is staying on board: "We are absolutely thrilled that Porsche is still on board. With its commitment and spirit for innovation, the brand is a cornerstone of the championship - for at least another four years. The commitment to the eagerly awaited Gen4 era means a new standard in global motorsport. Porsche's expertise (...) gives the series a major boost for the future."

"Porsche's commitment (...) also shows how much confidence they have in our championship, which will open its next big chapter in 2026," says Alberto Longo, Chief Championship Officer and Formula E co-founder. "Together with the FIA, Formula E is leading the way in electric motorsport. This fits in with Porsche's ambitions - in motorsport, but also as a car manufacturer."

Before the Gen4 era begins in just over two and a half years' time, Porsche first has to deal with everyday life: this weekend (24 to 26 May), Formula E will make its first appearance in Shanghai, on a variant of the well-known Formula 1 circuit. For Porsche, the aim is to reclaim the lead in the drivers' and teams' world championships.

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