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More synergies & infrastructure: Nissan Formula E team moves to new headquarter near Paris

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Nissan's Formula E team is moving to another facility. With its brand new headquarter close to Paris, the team hopes for more synergies with its own group and a better infrastructure. Team principal Tommaso Volpe made the announcement for the first time at an event in Le Mans, which was also attended by

"We decided to move to a brand new headquarter," explains Volpe. "It's completely new, even the building itself. It's just outside Paris, where Nissan is also based. The move is another important investment in this project."

Nissan had entered Formula E at the start of the Gen2 era, initially partnering with e.dams for four years. In mid-2022, the Japanese bought the French private team's licence to compete in Formula E and have been competing in the electric series as an independent factory team since the start of the Gen3 era this year (although some of the personnel have been taken over).

"We had taken over the team from another owner (e.dams) but stayed in the same factory for one more season because we didn't want to create more disruption in the organisation," Volpe explains. "But that was not going to be permanent because the location of the (e.dams) team is in Le Mans."

Volpe: "Just had to get closer to the action"

"But because this is a corporate project, we just had to get closer to the action - closer to our management, to our technicians and engineers. That's very important," the Nissan team principal clarifies.

As we learned in further talks, not only the implied proximity to Nissan's headquarters in Paris played a role, but also the long transfers between Paris and Le Mans (2.5 hours by car). It also gives Nissan the opportunity to more easily bring international guests and potential partners into contact with the Formula E team.

Nissan has experienced a proper resurgence in Formula E in recent months. After a difficult start to the Gen3 era the manufacturer ultimately even moved past its own customer team McLaren (Mercedes' successor and the reigning world champions) to secure seventh place in the teams' championship. Sacha Fenestraz will be joined at the wheel by returnee Oliver Rowland for Nissan next year.

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