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New Tempelhof track for Formula E race 2024 in Berlin? "We are planning to change the track layout"

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Formula E has long-term plans for Berlin: the racing series wants to significantly expand spectator capacity in Tempelhof. In the medium term, parts of the Tempelhofer Feld that have not yet been part of the Berlin E-Prix site could be used for this purpose. As early as the next staging of the race on 11 May 2024, there should also be a new track layout adapted to the technical possibilities of the Gen3 cars.

With the introduction of the Gen3 cars, many Formula E fans, especially in Germany, had hoped for a revision of the track layout at the Berlin E-Prix. Lucas di Grassi had also expressed this to already a year earlier. Accordingly, disappointment was big when Formula E raced in April 2023 on the same circuit that the Gen2 cars had already used.

"That was only one year with the Gen3, we still have three more years with this car," describes Formula E co-founder and Chief Championship Officer Alberto Longo in Valencia exclusively to about this topic. And he announces changes: "We are planning to change the layout. And that already for the year 2024."

Berlin E-Prix "one of the events I love so much"

"We will stay in Tempelhof," the Spaniard promises. The German capital, the only place to have hosted a race in all nine Formula E seasons, is particularly close to his heart. "This is one of those events that I just love. First of all, it's one of those events that are in the middle of the city but doesn't disrupt at all. It's like having a permanent track within a city, which is fantastic for us."

"Then, the versatility of the venue: it's so flexible, we can do anything," he enthuses about the apron of the former airport. "At the moment we have a limitation of 25,000 people attending at the same time, because of the local laws in Berlin. That's why we have only that figure."

"But we are working on it with the mayor," he continues. "We are meeting with him next week for a dinner, to see if we can open up the park that is behind the venue. We hope to extend the venue there so that we can host a lot more people. That's the ongoing discussion."

Berlin to be "one of the biggest races in Formula E"

Formula E has big plans for the future in Berlin, Longo further describes. "In three to five years, I could imagine Berlin is one of the biggest races in Formula E in terms of attendance. And hopefully at this venue."

The Berlin E-Prix 2024 will once again be staged as a double header. On 11 and 12 May 2024, the electric racing series will run its races number 19 and 20 in the German capital, more than in any other city in the world.

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