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Nick Heidfeld reveals: Formula E teams are interested in Formula G

Tim Neuhaus

Tim Neuhaus


Former Formula 1 and Formula E driver Nick Heidfeld is co-founder of the new junior racing series Formula G. Together with ex-Mahindra team principal Dilbagh Gill, the German wants to enable a more cost-effective entry into motorsport at the end of 2024. Heidfeld has now revealed some details about the new racing series.

Like Formula E, Formula G will also rely on all-electric powertrains. These will be adjustable in two different power classes. The juniors will compete with the same vehicle as the professionals, but with only 180 kW instead of the full 250 kW. Heidfeld sees this as a novel advantage: "The special thing that we want to use to reduce costs is the fact that we are only producing one car for this," he explains on

An important priority for the two series founders is the look of the car. "It should look like a real racing car!" emphasises Heidfeld. The Formula G car should not look too futuristic and will have wings with aerodynamic benefits. According to the German, a loss of a few tenths in performance has been accepted for the look, as the pure performance limit is not the decisive factor.

More beginner-friendly than Formula 2, Formula 3 & Formula 4

Heidfeld attaches great importance to the fact that Formula G will offer a more cost-effective entry than previous junior formula series. On the one hand, only one car is required for two championships thanks to the aforementioned performance class division at the push of a button. On the other hand, the cars remain with Formula G after the race and are maintained there, not by the teams themselves as is usually the case.

Formula G chooses a regional approach in order to enable as many ambitious racing drivers as possible to participate without incurring enormous travelling costs. There are currently plans to organise four regional championships: North America & South America, Middle East & India, Europe & Africa and, from 2026, China. Heidfeld speaks confidently about races in his home country: "We have already had many discussions in Germany (...), and so there should also be some races in Germany."

Where will Formula G be at the start of 2024?

According to Nick Heidfeld, there is a lot of interest in Formula G: "There are various teams that are interested in Formula G. These are Formula E teams, but also the usual suspects who already have Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams (...)." The German did not reveal exactly which teams or drivers were involved. However, he confirmed the future collaboration with a media partner from England.

The technical development of the car is also making progress. Although the first generation of Formula G cars was still in the production phase in December, Heidfeld personally carried out tyre tests with an interim car. Five tyre manufacturers were available for the start of the season at the end of the year.

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