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"Nobody talks to me, I don't want to hear it!" - Dan Ticktum rails against his own Formula E team

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Dan Ticktum is making headlines once again: The Briton attracted attention for a rant against his Formula E team Nio 333 immediately after crossing the finish line. In Sunday's race of the Jakarta E-Prix, he had lost two positions on the last lap after a strong recovery and thus still fell back to 11th place - and thus out of the points.

In qualifying on Sunday Ticktum only achieved 20th place on the grid. The Briton had spun with his first set of tires in the last corner spectacularly. For some inexplicable reason, the second set of tyres didn't offer as much grip, so Ticktum only finished the group stage in tenth place. In the race, he kept working his way forward and was already in the points a few laps from the finish. However, his pace then dropped off.

The cause, according to a tweet from Nio 333, was a failure of the front engine. This caused the recuperation power on the Gen3 car to drop from 600 kW to just 350 kW over the rear axle. Ticktum therefore recovered significantly less in the braking zones than had been included in the energy targets for the final laps. As a result, he had to take his foot off the throttle much earlier in the last lap to even make it to the finish line.

He even lost more than two seconds on the final lap. Stoffel Vandoorne and Sebastien Buemi took the opportunity to push past the #33 car. Ticktum was extremely displeased afterwards.

"Roberta, tell my taxi to be ready in 15 minutes"

"Mate, no other driver on this grid can do that, I'm telling you that now!" he yelled at his race engineer Mike Henderson after crossing the finish line and possibly meant his great drive. "Fucking let down by it, boring. Fuck' sake!"

"Don't talk to me," he subsequently interrupted his engineer when he tried to answer him. "Anyone! No one talk to me! I don't want to fucking hear it! Leave me alone! It could have been happening for three laps and I have no fucking idea," Ticktum continued.

After his tantrum, he lowers his voice a bit and asks, "Roberta, if you are on the Intercom, tell my taxi to be ready in 15 minutes. I'm going have it."

Actually, every driver is obliged to take part in the so-called media pen after the race to answer questions from journalists. Contrary to his statement on the team radio, Ticktum did not skip the media pen and took a taxi to the hotel right after the race.

Once again, Ticktum's statements overshadowed what was actually a stunning driving performance. The Briton occupies 17th place in the overall standings with 18 points after eleven races of the season. The next chance for points comes in just under three weeks for him and his Nio 333 team when the electric series competes for the first time in Portland.

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