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Official: Formula E introduces new championship trophy for winning manufacturers

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Now it's official: Formula E is introducing a new championship in the current 2024 season. In addition to the winning drivers and teams, the best manufacturer in the electric series will also be honoured from this year. Ahead of the fourth round of the season in Sao Paulo, Jaguar is at the top of the new classification.

After there were reports at the start of the season that work was being done behind the scenes on a manufacturers' championship for 2025, it is now clear that the additional classification will be introduced retroactively in the current year.

However, only the points of the two best cars per manufacturer per race will be included in the new manufacturers' classification. The reason for this is probably that not every manufacturer necessarily supplies a customer team. ERT would have no realistic chance of winning the title with its two cars.

The winning manufacturer receives a trophy at the end of the season and can also display a logo on their helmets, cars and team clothing in the following season to indicate that they have won the manufacturers' championship. Six manufacturers are currently competing in Formula E: Jaguar, Porsche, Stellantis (DS/Maserati), Nissan, Mahindra and ERT.

Longo: "Manufacturers are at the heart of our journey"

"We are thrilled to unveil the Manufacturers' Trophy for Season 10 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship," says Alberto Longo, Co-Founder and Chief Championship Officer of Formula E. "This has been a long time in the making and marks a real milestone in the evolution of the Championship as it captures the competitive spirit that fuels Formula E.."

"Our manufacturers are at the heart of our journey, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability in motorsport," he adds. "Their contributions are vital, not just in shaping the future of racing but in advancing electric vehicle technology for the road. This trophy will celebrate their innovation, their commitment, and their role in driving us towards a more sustainable future."

James: "A new era of Formula E"

"With the launch of the Manufacturers' Trophy in Season 10, we're stepping into a new era of Formula E, one that further amplifies our dedication to innovation," said Ian James, Team Principal of McLaren and Chairman of FETEMA (Formula E Team and Manufacturers Association).

"Formula E as a World Championship features one of the most impressive Manufacturer line-ups in motorsport, and it is great to be able to recognise and reward the contributions of Manufacturers to the series’ past, present and future. The addition of this trophy not only intensifies the competitive landscape but also shines a spotlight on the advanced engineering behind each team."

"It's a thrilling prospect for us as engineers to see our work in electric vehicle technology get the recognition it deserves on such a prominent stage," James continues. "We're eager to see how these developments elevate the Championship and engage fans more deeply than ever before. The ⁠competition is extremely fierce this season, with many Manufacturers in contention, so it will be an exciting battle on the track."

Manufacturers' standings ahead of the Sao Paulo E-Prix

Place Manufacturer Points
1 Jaguar 103
2 Porsche 70
3 Stellantis 61
4 Nissan 48
5 ERT 2
6 Mahindra 0


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