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Report: Formula E could leave London and race at Silverstone instead

Tim Neuhaus

Tim Neuhaus

Formula E has been racing in England (with interruptions) since the first season and has always been held in London. The British capital has hosted some of the most exciting races in Formula E history. The London ExCeL has been the venue since 2021. ExCeL is not only the only indoor and outdoor circuit in the electric racing series, but also the venue for the season finale. London is now reportedly on the cancellation list and, according to The Race, could be replaced by motorsport evergreen Silverstone.

After three previous races at the London ExCeL, the fourth visit also appears to be the last. Formula E is said to have recently held intensive talks with Silverstone about staging a race. The famous aerodrome circuit could therefore be given a date for the first E-Prix as early as next April. London would therefore be removed from the race calendar.

Why airfield instead of street circuit?

There are said to be two main reasons for leaving London. The first is the lack of opportunity to further develop the circuit at ExCeL, such as the current track length. While Berlin is already coming up with a new layout this year and thus preparing for the faster Gen4 cars, the London ExCeL will probably not be sufficient for the more powerful cars of the next generation.

Formula E organisers also appear to be satisfied with the mix of classic race tracks and street circuits. In Tokyo, Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds commented as follows: "Part of me thinks that tracks that are good for motorbikes are often good tracks for Formula E because we have a lighter, more manoeuvrable car with more overtaking opportunities, and sometimes it feels more like a motorsport race."

Silverstone would be the fourth traditional race track on the racing calendar alongside Misano, Mexico City and Shanghai. Although Portland will probably have to make way for a pure street circuit in Los Angeles, it seems that the electric racing series is moving further and further away from its original concept as it prepares for Gen4.

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