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Robert Kubica: Formula E is "like having sex with a rubber doll" - Lucas di Grassi puts comparison into perspective

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Former Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica is causing a stir these days with a crude statement against Formula E. He compared the electric racing series, in which he was given two test opportunities, to a sex toy. His long-time companion Lucas di Grassi categorised the curious comparison to and made him an offer that makes you smile.

"I have a saying that you can't actually say out loud," Kubica announced a few days ago on the Italian-language podcast Gurulandia. Then he did just that: "Driving there is like having sex with a rubber doll."

Kubica must know - what a Formula E car feels like, of course: the Pole took up two private testing opportunities in 2017 and 2020 to get his own impression. Initial reports that Kubica wanted to join Formula E had already surfaced in 2016.

In May 2017 he finally tested DS Virgin Racing's electric racing car at Donington Park in the UK to evaluate a potential comeback to formula racing. However, just a few days later, he conceded: "It wasn't even a proper test drive. I just wanted to know whether I could drive the vehicle (with an impaired wrist). There are no Formula E plans on my part, at least for the near future."

Kubica: "Had several offers & turned down a lot of money"

In April 2020, he nevertheless reported a further secret test, but without naming the team and the exact circumstances. "The combination of driving this (Gen2) car on tight tracks is not perfect for me," he concluded back then. Consequently, he decided against the electric series.

"I'm not against electric cars on a race track," Kubica clarifies in the podcast mentioned above. "I had several offers and turned down a lot of money." However, his reservations were apparently greater. Kubica therefore focussed more on the WEC endurance world championship.

"For me, a competitive car has to make noise," says Kubica. "I will always remember that smell when I was standing in the pit lane in 2006 and Alonso drove past in the Renault." The now 39-year-old will probably continue to breathe exhaust fumes in the future. After his latest statement, it is highly unlikely that he will end up in Formula E one day after all.

Di Grassi: "Regardless of whether Formula E is a rubber doll..."

In an exclusive interview with, we confronted Formula E veteran Lucas di Grassi with Kubica's statement. After a brief laugh, he explains: "First of all, I don't know what it's like to have sex with a rubber doll. If he knows that, there's something wrong with him," laughs di Grassi.

"Robert is a good guy. I know him very well - we have driven go-karts together. And when he broke his hand, I stood in for him at Prema. Nevertheless, that's obviously an unfortunate comment for a guy like Robert."

Di Grassi tries to find an explanation for the curious comparison from his old friend: "Robert tried to get into Formula E. Maybe it didn't work out for him because the steering is extremely heavy - I don't know. If he says something bad about Formula E, maybe he was just a bit frustrated that he never competed in Formula E."

The Brazilian categorises the electric series in a smug way for Kubica: "Regardless of whether Formula E is a rubber doll, it generates a lot of jobs for drivers and team staff. It's the number 2 in global motorsport after F1 when it comes to driver salaries." With a wink, he adds: "I would love to explain to him what it's like to have 'sex with a rubber doll'."

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