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Satirical look into the crystal ball: What will happen in electric motorsport in 2023 (2/2)

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

The year 2023 has begun and holds many history-making events in store for us. As in every year, has taken a satirical look into the crystal ball. We predict with our usual high accuracy what will happen to you in the coming months. All stories and events are, as always, freely invented and to be understood with a wink. There was already a lot going on yesterday, Monday. In Part 2, it is now about a second Puebla, about a German farewell and about Buxtehude.

Extreme E & WRX start through

In the Extreme E starts in mid-February the third season in Neom. Neom McLaren is always at the front of the pack. A handful of paid journalists around the globe cover a spectacular event. In the not-quite-livestream, an average of 180 viewers follow how Johan Kristoffersson wins the start in every race and then stirs up so much sand that no one can follow him and become dangerous. In an inexplicable way, X44 wins anyway. Lewis Hamilton sticks his tongue out at Nico Rosberg - what a headline for Extreme E!

The Formula E travels to Berlin - with a detour via Seoul, because there are supposed to be good nightclubs here. All the equipment is conveniently stored temporarily on St. Helena. Alejandro Agag is also in the city and moves from club to club. However, no one allows him to bring his own DJ, so the Seoul E-Prix project will not be pursued in the coming years. Nevertheless, the K-pop band BTS still writes a not-so-cheap song about Formula E - whoah! Arriving in Berlin, a familiar picture emerges: apart from bratwurst and music, nothing happens in Tempelhof.

The World Rallycross Championship is starting its second all-electric season in Norway. The WRX has fallen short of its stated goal of bringing more cars to the start. But in the end, it does come down to quality: Kristoffersson and the Hansen brothers give each other a run for their money and - as in every subsequent round of the season - settle the victory among themselves. The dominant theme on the web is puns on the name of the venue, Hell. Incidentally, the same is to happen three months later in Buxtehude.

Portland becomes a test of endurance

Formula E is racing on the classic IndyCar circuit in Portland by necessity in order to still have a race in the U.S. at all. The track breaks up in several places during the weekend. In addition, 20 of the 22 batteries fail during the race because the curbs are higher than on typical Formula E road courses. For the first time in history, only two drivers stand on the podium: Nio 333 celebrates its first double victory. Formula E talks publicly exclusively about this beautiful underdog story - positive PR isn't so hard after all! Co-founder Alberto Longo emphasizes once again that Formula 1 has not managed to race in New York City, even in decades.

The ETCR will unveil its 2023 race calendar in July. However, most of the races should have already taken place, leaving only a few rounds to go. The series has at least taken the criticism of the past two years to heart and responded: The regulations are now finally more complicated. In addition, the ETCR can continue to inspire with great drone footage. Something is growing here!

In London, the season finale of Formula E is already waiting. This time in the supporting program: the eSkootr Championship! However, most drivers complain after the first laps that the Mickey Mouse course is far too narrow for e-scooters. Formula E doesn't care - rubbing is racing! It serves up a fine supporting program for the British fans in the ExCeL hall. Numerous British acts perform and put on a great show. British journalists are taken care of and are happy about the return of motorsport to Great Britain. Now, finally, a title is to be won - after all, Formula E didn't exist in 1966. A whole hall - most of the fans in disguise - bawls "Sweet Caroline. Formula E is taking up this great idea, modeled on the World Darts Championship, and making disguises mandatory for fans at its E-Prix.

Change in strategy at Volkswagen

At the podium ceremony, a British boy hands the winner's trophy to Jake Dennis, who didn't miss a beat and celebrates his next home win. The Briton has shown his teammate Andre Lotterer the limits this season, as has the Porsche factory team. The Zuffenhausen-based company then announced its withdrawal from Formula E after a delay of several months. The claim of a brand like Porsche is not to race in a championship in which it is so difficult to win, according to the reasoning.

The Volkswagen Group explains that they would rather concentrate on the Neom Rally Dakar in Saudi Arabia, which is a media success. In addition, one could link this equal with other advertising measures to the ski world championship there. Almost in the same breath, Cupra officially announces that it will compete as a registered manufacturer with the ABT team. Hans-Jürgen Abt sells the license very profitably to Volkswagen. Daniel Abt toasts this brilliant move in Tulum. Cheers New Year!

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