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Sustainability study: Formula E continues to lead, Extreme E draws level with MotoGP, MotoE climbs

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

In an updated study in which 105 motorsport series on two and four wheels worldwide were examined for their sustainability, Formula E once again secured first place. Extreme E made a big leap, catching up with MotoGP. While the top series each improved their results compared to last year, 25 racing series failed to score a single point out of a possible 100.

The British company Enovation Consulting has published the results of a study in which 25 criteria were used to assess the sustainability of racing series. These were determined on the basis of guidelines and models of the UN, EU and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The criteria are divided into six classes: Certifications, Accreditations and Awards, Environmental Performance, Social Performance, Engagement and Partnerships, and Sustainability Approach. The database here consists solely of data obtained from publications of the racing series.

Only three of the 105 series have certification. Without exception, these are the certification for Sustainable Event Management according to ISO 20121. Also, only ten race series measure their carbon footprint at all. Likewise, ten race series have an environmental accreditation from the FIA, the automotive world governing body, or an environmental award from the FIM, the motorcycle world governing body. Three championships have received other relevant awards.

In the area of environmental performance, there are significantly more race series that collected points: 65 each scored in the criteria of waste management and use of natural resources, 62 in the area of transportation and mobility. As far as social performance is concerned, a particularly large number of racing series have improved compared with the previous year. Especially in the area of accessibility, where 27 race series now collected points - last year there had only been 19.

Sustainability partnerships are being entered into by 13 race series - one more than in 2021, and 60 motorsport series have codes of ethics, guidelines or are subject to commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

85 out of a possible 100 points: Formula E moves forward

As in the previous year, Formula E achieved the highest score of all racing series. With 85 out of a possible 100 points, it is the only championship that made it into the highest of five results categories. The electric series, which was launched in 2014, scored in 21 of the 25 criteria.

In second place in the ranking is Formula 1, which is in the second-highest results category with 67 points from 19 criteria. In the same category are MotoGP and Extreme E, both with 58 points. The Extreme E has moved up into this category thanks to the publication of its sustainability report from Season 1, bringing it level with MotoGP. However, the Motorcycle World Championship has also increased its score, thanks in part to the publication of its first sustainability report by organizer Dorna.

Transparent disclosure is key to a good score here: apart from these four racing series, only four others have published documents reporting their progress on sustainability.

Palle: Formula E aims to "bring about sustainable change"

"Formula E was founded to drive the development of e-mobility and reduce emissions," describes Julia Palle, sustainability director at Formula E. "Impactful partnerships and campaigns are at the heart of our work to bring about sustainable change. As the first global sports organization to partner with UNICEF, we are helping to create a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment in which children and future generations can thrive."


By the way, the biggest improvement compared to last year was achieved by MotoE: the electric motorcycle series scored 37 points instead of 24, climbing to ninth place in the overall standings. This puts it immediately behind the FIA ETCR World Cup. However, this will most likely change at the next trial: The electric touring car series is on the brink.


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