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Thick air between Porsche & Formula E customer team Andretti: "Both pushed me into the wall"

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Sunday's race at the Berlin E-Prix was characterised by fierce battles and countless contacts between the cars. Pascal Wehrlein, whose Porsche made contact with the two Andretti cars countless times and was pushed into the wall twice, was conspicuously affected. After the race, the German seemed quite frustrated despite finishing fourth.

"I don't know, you'll have to ask him," replied Pascal Wehrlein after the race when asked about the various contacts with brand colleague Jake Dennis. "He and his team-mate both pushed me into the wall and left me no space. I can't say much more from my point of view."

After the Porsche works driver had already made contact with the track barrier at the exit of Turn 7 on the second lap when Norman Nato squeezed him, the situation was repeated with Dennis towards the halfway point of the race. However, there was no investigation by the race stewards.

"There were no penalties, so apparently that's okay with the stewards," he added. "It affected my race: my floor was broken, my wing was broken, my steering was crooked. But that doesn't really matter. We had contact and it is what it is."

However, he does not think it makes sense to try to resolve any differences with the drivers of the Porsche customer team. "From my point of view, there is no need to talk. Not much else was to be expected."

Dennis: "There's always contact in these type of races"

"It's obvious that I was racing Pascal most of the race," says Jake Dennis to "We were side by side for a lot of the corners. There's always contact made in these type of races."

"There is a lot of rubbing between everyone," he says, not revealing why there was so much contact between Wehrlein and himself. "It was obviously some contact between me and Pascal, but we both came home and we were forth and fifth."

Norman Nato, on the other hand, when asked by, could not remember the situation when he pushed Wehrlein into the wall.

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