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Exclusive interview with Tim Tramnitz after rookie test: "Formula E is an extremely interesting series for me"

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Tim Tramnitz is regarded as one of Germany's greatest young talents in formula racing. The 18-year-old has been part of the ADAC Sports Foundation's development squad for six years and, after two runner-up titles in Formula 4, is competing in the Formula Regional European Championship by Alpine (FRECA) this year. '' had the exclusive opportunity to talk to the Hamburg-born driver during the rookie test in Berlin.

Tim, how did your first test in the Formula E car go?

First of all, of course, it's something completely new, especially without the sound. That is quite unfamiliar at the beginning. In principle, however, it only takes a few laps, then you're already used to it, because you're very focused on driving. Of course, driving the Formula E car directly on a street circuit for the first time isn't easy either. But it's mega fun.

Technically, the car is very different from other formula racers. What was the biggest difference for you?

The thing that takes the most getting used to in the Formula E race car is the brakes. You have to get very used to them, also because you have aids that intervene. In Formula 3, we basically do everything ourselves. In the Formula E race car, you can adjust a lot more things. The most important thing is probably to learn how and when the aids intervene.

With 350 kW, the Gen3 car also has more power than the Formula 3 race car that you usually drive. Do you notice the difference clearly?

Yes, definitely. The car goes pretty well and has a lot of power. Just to find the traction is quite difficult there. Especially, of course, also by the electric drive: as soon as you step on the gas pedal, the power is there, and of course you feel that clearly. But these are things you get used to. In the corners, however, we are still a bit faster with our Formula 3 cars.

How did the contact between you and the ABT team, for which you drove at the rookie test, actually come about?

The contact with ABT came through the ADAC, which has made everything here possible. For this, of course, I am very grateful to the ADAC. But also thanks to ABT, who gave me the opportunity to drive my first Formula E test here in Berlin.

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You also sat - just like '' did a few weeks ago - in the simulator at ABT before the test. Did that help you?

The simulator is of course an extremely important tool to prepare for a test or a race. However, it is always something else when you still have the g-forces to it. You have a better feel for the car when you're driving in real life. Sure, the simulator helps, but there are still enough things you have to get used to on the real track."

Is Formula E interesting to you as a possible career goal? Or are you looking more at the classic Formula ladder with Formula 3, Formula 2 and then possibly Formula 1?

I think it's already very important to keep the doors open in all directions. And clearly, Formula E is an extremely large series and also a championship that you would like to achieve. I'm currently still racing in Formula 3. But you also have to see what the future holds. Financially, motorsport is not easy either. Formula E is an extremely interesting series for me.

Has the rookie test here in Berlin whetted your appetite for more?

Yes, definitely that. Working with the team is mega fun. It's incredible how much data is available to you here compared to the Formula 3 car. And it's important to take the things you can learn here with you. Of course, I also hope that I'll get the chance to sit in a Formula E car again someday. That would be very, very dear to me.

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