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Berlin E-Prix: All Formula E penalties at a glance

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

At the two Formula E races in Germany, it will once again be the task of the race stewards of the FIA, the International Automobile Federation, to monitor compliance with the Technical and Sporting Regulations. If a violation of the rules is found, they must then determine the penalty. In this article you will find, as usual, a list of all decisions of the race commissioners.

At the Berlin E-Prix, Achim Loth, Michael Schwägerl and Wilhelm Singer will take on this task. They will be supported by ex-racing driver Paul Belmondo. Although the Frenchman has never competed in a Formula E race, he was also active in Formula 1 for several years in his career after five years in Formula 3000 and will celebrate his 60th birthday on race Sunday. Below, as usual, you will find a list of all the decisions of the race commissioners.

Penalties ahead of Berlin E-Prix

  • Porsche was fined 1,000 euros and placed on probation for the remainder of the season. Pascal Wehrlein's car had its survival cell replaced on Thursday without first making a formal request.
  • Porsche was fined another 1,000 euros because the team had broken curfew during conversion work on Thursday night. Although the work should have been completed at 9 p.m., the team worked on the No. 94 car until 10:50 p.m. The reason given by the team was that various problems had arisen during the chassis change and they were not confident that they would be able to fix them by the start of the 1st free practice session. The race stewards decided, however, that until the start of the 1st Free Practice at 17:00 would have been sufficient time to fix the problems.

Penalties in Free Practice

  • The decision on a penalty against Mahindra was postponed to a later date. The team had changed the survival cell on Oliver Rowland's car after Free Practice 1, although the Spark and Dallara Expert:ins had been unable to detect any defect during a visual inspection on Wednesday evening. Nevertheless, the team decided to replace it on Friday evening as a precautionary measure. The decision is expected to be made in Monaco when the results of Dallara's examination of the monocoque are known. In the event of a defect, there would be no penalty.

Penalties in and after Saturday's race

  • Robin Frijns was fined 3,000 euros because the Dutchman was caught doing 80 km/h in the pit lane before the race while coming out of the pits. The speed limit is basically 50 km/h, even outside the official sessions. In addition, Frijns received a penalty on his racing license. This penalty was subsequently withdrawn following an appeal by ABT Cupra, as Frijns was not driving in the pit lane at the time but was on his way to the dummy grid. Instead, the Dutchman received a caution.
  • Rene Rast received a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Sergio Sette Camara. This did not change the result of the McLaren driver, who finished 17th, one lap down, after a repair pit stop. Rast also received a penalty point on his race license.
  • Andre Lotterer also received a five-second time penalty for causing a collision - with former teammate Jean-Eric Vergne. There was also a penalty point for the German.
  • Jake Dennis also had five seconds added to his race time for hitting Antonio Felix da Costa. This penalty had no effect as the Andretti driver finished the race last, five laps down. Here, too, the race stewards awarded an additional penalty point.
  • Dan Ticktum will be moved back five positions in Sunday's race for causing a collision with Stoffel Vandoorne. The young Briton also received two penalty points on his race license. Ticktum already has the most penalty points of any current driver.
  • Mitch Evans, Sam Bird and Maximilian Günther were fined 2,500 euros each for turning into the pit lane after the end of the race. According to the race director's instructions, they should have turned into the Fan Village instead, where the cars were to be parked in front of the podium.
  • As with Mahindra (see above), the decision on a penalty against DS Penske will be postponed until a later date. The team decided to change the survival cell on Stoffel Vandoorne's car after the race, although a visual inspection revealed no obvious defect. Nevertheless, the team changed the monocoque as a precautionary measure after the accident with Dan Ticktum on Saturday night. This decision is also expected to be made in Monaco.

Penalties in Free Practice

  • McLaren received a warning because mechanics of the team had pushed the car of Rene Rast through the pit lane without wearing a helmet, as required. Rast had stopped in the Turn 3 area and was pushed into the paddock by marshals during the practice interruption. Team mechanics then pushed the car back into the pits. While helmets are not compulsory in the paddock, they are compulsory to wear in the pit lane. Since it was an isolated incident that occurred due to special circumstances, the race stewards decided to leave it at a warning.

Penalties in Qualifying

  • The lap time of Nick Cassidy in the quarter-final duel against his teammate Sebastien Buemi was deleted because the New Zealander had switched too late into the 350 kW mode. According to the regulations, the switch may only be made in the third sector of the track. Thus Buemi advanced to the semifinals, Cassidy was downgraded to 8th on the grid.
  • Nio 333 received a fine of 1,000 euros, because a mechanic was still working on the car when this was already in running condition. This is prohibited for safety reasons.

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