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Extreme H: Symbio becomes supplier of hydrogen fuel cells

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Extreme E announced on Thursday which company will supply the fuel cells that will be used in the then renamed Extreme H hydrogen series from 2025. The company chosen is Symbio, which is jointly owned by Michelin, Stellantis and the French automotive supplier Forvia.

Founded in 2010, the company provides the racing series with 75 kW fuel cells that run on green hydrogen. Only solar energy and water are required for this. "We are delighted to announce Symbio as our official hydrogen fuel cell provider ahead of our first season as Extreme H in 2025," said Ali Russell, Managing Director of Extreme E. "This is an exciting change for the championship, which has pioneered sustainable technology solutions since its inception."

In 2025, Extreme H will be the first racing series in the world in which the car are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The series hopes to be a technical pioneer in advancing hydrogen technology in order to create an alternative to battery-electric cars. Although these are considered to be particularly efficient, the heavy batteries often account for a high percentage of the vehicle weight, which is detrimental to the agility and range of the vehicles. The charging process is also considered a disadvantage of battery-electric vehicles, while hydrogen, like petrol or diesel, can be refuelled within a few minutes.

With the transition to Extreme H, the racing series will also become an official FIA championship. In 2026, it will even be awarded the title of FIA World Championship (like Formula E in 2021).

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