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Formula E in Diriyah: Saturday's qualifying groups at a glance

Svenja König

Svenja König

Diriyah E-Prix, Round 2: On the second day of racing in Saudi Arabia, qualifying from 1:20 pm (CET) will also be about establishing the best starting position for the race. In the time trial, the riders will first meet in two groups. Afterwards, the top four from each group will meet in the knockout duel. In our overview you can find out who has to race in which group.

As usual, Formula E sorts the groups for the race according to the current championship standings. The drivers in the odd-numbered championship positions start in Group A, the drivers in the odd-numbered positions in Group B. There they fight for the fastest lap times one after the other. The knockout phase then takes place "within" the groups. In the quarter-finals, the fastest driver competes against the fourth-fastest or the second-fastest against the third-fastest in the same group.

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