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Formula E in Portland: The qualifying groups at a glance

Tobias Bluhm

Tobias Bluhm

Formula E is back in the USA: At the Portland E-Prix, the electric series returns to the West Coast of the North American country for the first time since 2016. Before the race, which starts at 2:00 (CEST) on Saturday night, qualifying is scheduled. All drivers will first compete in a group stage before the top 4 from each group will face each other in a knock-out format. As usual, Formula E sorted the groups for the race according to the current World Championship standings.

The drivers on the odd championship positions start in group A, the drivers on the even ranks in group B. In their groups, they fight one after the other for the fastest lap times. The knockout phase for the top four drivers from each batch then takes place "within" the groups: In the quarter-finals, the fastest will race against the fourth-fastest and the second-fastest against the third-fastest in the same group.

For the Portland E-Prix, the drivers have been sorted into the following groups. Qualifying gets underway at 9:40 pm (CEST).

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