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Formula E publishes "final" London result as Porsche & Nio 333 threaten appeal

Tobias Bluhm

Tobias Bluhm

Will the decision in the team standings for the 2023 Formula E season be made as an "armchair decision"? Around 15 hours after a chaotic Saturday race in London, the FIA published an official final classification. This is initially valid for the second day of racing in the UK. But a protest against the result announced by Porsche and Nio 333 could still change the order afterwards - if necessary, even via a detour to an FIA court.

In the "Final Classification" from Saturday's race of the Hankook London E-Prix, the automotive governing body noted that the result was subject to a possible protest. has learned that this reservation is concerning the announcement by Porsche to possibly challenge the outcome of the race. The reason for this is the curious three-minute time penalty against Antonio Felix da Costa, which cost the team a podium result as well as 18 points in the overall standings.

There is a 96-hour time limit to protest in Formula E - in this case, Wednesay night. It is quite conceivable that Porsche will first wait for Sunday's result and check whether the "lost" points would have given them a better position in the team standings. If this is the case - which is quite possible given the current gap of 27 points - the result could still be contested.

A similar reasoning applies to Nio 333, who also lodged their intent to appeal the disqualification of Sergio Sette Camara. In this case, the FIA Court of Appeal in Paris would decide on the matter. For the time being, however, the result stands: Felix da Costa is classified last, with a gap of more than three minutes, and Sette Camara remains disqualified.

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