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Formula E: Teams test emergency brake during shakedown in Saudi Arabia

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

All Formula E teams have had the opportunity in the shakedown on Thursday afternoon in Saudi Arabia for the first time to perform functional tests with the new emergency braking system, which had been completed shortly before the race weekend. Contrary to what was suspected in advance, it is not a solution in the area of the drive or transmission, but a brake disc that was added to the rear wheels.


Italian manufacturer Brembo supplied brake discs and calipers for this purpose to Saudi Arabia, where teams began installing the new system on all 22 cars on Wednesday. Porsche shared a photo of the new rear axle on Twitter, where the new brake disc can be clearly seen.

Following the experience gained by Formula E and the FIA, the world governing body for automobiles, during private testing of DS and Jaguar cars in recent days, the rules for testing the system in the shakedown were set. Thus, each car was allowed to activate the system up to three times, but only at speeds not exceeding 50 km/h and with a brake pressure of 30 bar. The FIA monitored the use of the system via special sensors and telemetry in real time.

The racing series' sporting regulations also stipulated that the use of the "secondary braking system," as it is officially known, may only be used in emergencies or during a system check ordered by the FIA. Any activation that is not part of a system check will be reported to the race stewards and the driver will be penalized. He may even be disqualified from the session in question.

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