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Formula E: Tuk-tuks cause practice delay in Hyderabad

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

The 1st free practice of the Formula E in Hyderabad on Friday noon began therefore with 45 minutes of delay, because traffic participants:inside wanted to use a nearby, however closed overpass and were let mistakenly on the race track. In the process, there were also confrontations with the security personnel of the race track. This is reported by colleagues of 'The Race'.

The trigger is said to have been a roadblock shortly behind the starting straight, which was opened for reasons unexplained so far. Several dozen vehicles, mainly motorcycles, scooters and tuk-tuks, are said to have entered the track in the area of turn 4. From there, however, they did not get onto the Telgu Talli overpass as they should have: the concrete barriers at turn 3 blocked their way. It came to arguments of the angry road users:inside with the security personnel.


In consequence, the vehicles could be guided off the track. However, it took until the track could be declared safe again and practice could resume. Race director Scot Elkins was forced to postpone the start of the 1st free practice session three times by 15 minutes each time. The official reason given was that "local authorities had to resolve a problem on the roads around the circuit."

An official investigation into the incident was announced for Saturday morning. Difficulties had already arisen in the build-up to the E-Prix, which was only completed a few minutes before the shakedown on Friday morning German time. However, there can be no talk of a really finished race track, as neither the lighting nor the air conditioning systems in the teams' garages were working on Friday. Also the toilets in the paddock were not yet functional.

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