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Portland E-Prix: Jaguar will become Formula E Team World Champion on Sunday if...

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

Jaguar TCS Racing has the opportunity to clinch the Formula E team title in the second race of the Portland E-Prix ahead of the season finale in London. It would be the first Formula E title for Jaguar. Here you can find out what needs to happen for team principal James Barclay and his employees to celebrate in the USA.

Since a team can score a maximum of 47 points per race (25 for victory, 18 for second place, three for pole position and one for the fastest race lap), the British team would have to have a 95-point lead after Sunday's race in order to avoid being overtaken. In the event of a points tie, the only remaining rival, Porsche, would win, as Antonio Felix da Costa and Pascal Wehrlein celebrated more race wins in 2024.

After Saturday's race in Portland, the lead is 55 points. Jaguar would therefore have to score at least 40 points more than Porsche - which is only mathematically possible if Porsche itself does not score more than seven points. Moreover, 40 points are not possible in Formula E without a race win - so a Jaguar driver must win the race. At the same time, sixth place is always enough for Porsche to postpone the decision to London. Alternatively, 7th and 9th place would also be sufficient - Porsche would also receive eight points here.

After that, it's down to Jaguar's second driver: If he only finishes fourth, Jaguar also needs the three points for pole position. Without a Jaguar pole, the second driver must also finish on the podium. Should a Porsche driver even achieve pole position, Jaguar would have to score a 1-2 victory, but Porsche would then not be allowed to score a single point. Without pole position, Jaguar would also have to hope that no Porsche driver finishes better than 9th place.

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