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Race stopped in the rain: Granado & Mantovani win MotoE at Mugello

Svenja König

Svenja König

Andrea Mantovani (RNF MotoE Team) and Eric Granado (LCR E Team) won the two races of MotoE at Mugello (Italy). For Mantovani it was his first ever win in MotoE, while Granado was right back on top in his comeback weekend after his injury. Sunday's race was abandoned with one and a half laps to go due to heavy rain and a number of crashes.

Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE) had secured pole position for both Italy races and took the lead at the start ahead of Mattia Casadei (HP Pons Los40) and Andrea Mantovani. Behind them, Nicolas Spinelli, who had been fighting with Hector Garzo (Dynavolt Intact MotoE) for 4th place, crashed after one lap. Garzo, Krummenacher (Dynavolt Intact MotoE) and Granado were unable to keep up with the leaders after the first third of the race, leaving the top three with a 1.5 second lead. With three laps to go, Mantovani took the lead and defended it until the end of the race.

Result of the 3rd MotoE round 2023 at Mugello

Pos. Rider Team Time
1 Andrea Mantovani RNF MotoE Team 13:39.949 min
2 Matteo Ferrari Felo Gresini MotoE +0.152 s
3 Mattia Casadei HP Pons Los40 +0.488 s
4 Hector Garzo Dynavolt Intact MotoE +3.058 s
5 Randy Krummenacher Dynavolt Intact MotoE +3.085 s
6 Eric Granado LCR E-Team +4.608 s


It got even more dramatic in Sunday's race, whose start initially had to be delayed due to rain. Casadei took the lead from Ferrari at the start, but relinquished it after just a few corners and from then on had to fight off Granado and Kevin Manfredi (Ongetta Sic58 Squadracorse). Miquel Pons (LCR E-Team), who made up nine positions on the first lap, lost his bike in turn 5 and crashed.

At the front, a four-way battle for the podium had evolved - with Granado and Manfredi in the best position, leaving Ferrari and Casadei behind. On the fifth lap of the race, conditions became more difficult and within a few corners, previous day's winner Mantovani and Casadei both crashed. The latter hit the barriers so hard that the race organizers stopped the race. The victory thus went to Granado.

Result of the 4th MotoE round 2023 at Mugello

Pos. Rider Team Time
1 Eric Granado LCR E-Team 11:25.573 min
2 Kevin Manfredi Ongetta Sic58 Squadracorse +1.301 s
3 Matteo Ferrari Felo Gresini MotoE +1.666 s
4 Nicholas Spinelli HP Pons Lot40 +2.513 s
5 Jordi Torres OpenBank Aspar Team +4.269 s
6 Hector Garzo Dynavolt Intact MotoE +4.456 s


2023 Overall Standing of MotoE

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