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Re-live streams: Formula E offers all 116 races in full length

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

In the early years of Formula E, all races of the electric racing series were available as replays on YouTube, but the situation had since changed due to new broadcasting partners. Formula E is now taking a step back towards the old normal: all races in Formula E history are now available again as re-live streams - totalling around 90 hours of race action.

Interested fans can watch the videos on the official series website or in the official app. However, you will need to create a user account to start streaming. Formula E has also announced that it will make every race available as a video after just seven days in the coming season.

You need some inspiration on which of the 116 races are particularly worth watching? During the 2020 coronavirus season break, the team at compiled a list of the most memorable races (by that time; in German). However, the YouTube videos still linked there are - as already described - no longer available today.

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