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Special sensor for Formula E provides Hankook with tyre data

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

Hankook is currently in its second season as the single tyre supplier for Formula E. Before the Berlin E-Prix, the team was confronted with a new track layout. Thanks to a special sensor from partner Texys, Hankook was able to determine the optimum tyre pressures for the teams.

"We have one sensor on each rim that can measure the temperature, the air pressure and the relative humidity," reported Texys representative Armin Joerß in a media round that was also attended by "This allows us to compare very well what the situation is like for all competitors - also with a view to last year."

Hankook uses this method to find out in which window the tyre works optimally. There are two devices in each car that record the data. As soon as the cars come into the pits, the teams have the opportunity to read out these values. The FIA, on the other hand, always sees the live data. This allows them to monitor whether all participants are adhering to the rules.

"The sensor is a custom-made product for Formula E and is able to transmit three different values to us," says Hankook racing tyre developer Thomas Baltes and emphasises: "This is something very special that we have never experienced before in other series. In Formula 1, there used to be different sensors on the rim, but we now have one that can measure three values simultaneously. This helps us massively, also in development."

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