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With Andersson & Scheider: Sun Minimeal is confirmed as the 1st Extreme H team

Svenja König

Svenja König

Just a few days after the official launch of the series - including the race calendar and vehicle - Extreme H has its first team. The team led by Timo Scheider is also joining the hydrogen series, even before they have completed their first full Extreme E season. The drivers for the 2025 season have also already been finalised: Klara Andersson and Team Principal Timo Scheider will remain with the team.

"We are happy to announce that the SUN Minimeal team will participate in the Extreme H in 2025 with the new hydrogen car 'Pionier 25'. We are very proud to have Timo Scheider and Klara Andersson as our drivers for the first season of XH," the team wrote on Instagram. In sporting terms, there was still room for improvement for the new team at their debut in the electric series in February. With 7th and 8th place, the team still has room for improvement in the Extreme E before continuing in the hydrogen car next season.

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