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And We Go Global: launches English-language website

Timo Pape

Timo Pape is now also available in English. Under the name "", which at the same time will be the new web address of the news portal, we will provide fans from all over the world with news and independent reporting on Formula E and the world of electric motorsports.

"Since June 2014, now almost nine years ago, we have been one of the few constants in global Formula E coverage. From the very first all-electric race, we have been part of the international community, albeit reporting almost exclusively in German. In recent years, many Formula E fans have asked us if they could be able to read our news, statistical analyses and commentary in English as well. Now the time has finally come," says Timo Pape, founder and managing director of and will be a mirror image of the German original and thus offers daily news, results, overall standings, statistics, race calendars, live streams, background information and reports on other all-electric racing series such as Extreme E, Word Rallycross, MotoE and others.

In the upper right hand side of the website, there now is a flag icon for translation - should you ever land on the wrong language version. Only our live blog, newsletter and podcast services will continue to be offered exclusively in German for the time being. Everything else will be available in English from now on.

New Twitter account, new logo

We are now active on the social media with our new handle @eFORMULAnews and provide you on our Twitter profile with the latest information about electric motorsport. Over there, we're also running a fan competition on Friday to celebrate the launch of, which you can enter to win a fan bundle.

The launch of the English-language website is also accompanied by a revision of our logo, visible at the top left of the website. This is intended to give the brand a fresher and even tidier look. The new English-language claim is "Full Charge of Electric Racing News." Our distinctive "e" logo will remain unchanged.

It's quite possible that technical bugs will still pop up here and there at launch. If you notice anything (sorry!), feel free to let us know by e-mail. Last but not least we would like to ask you for your support: In order for and to continue to report independently, we need financial support from the community. Via our voluntary crowdfunding model you can support us from just one euro per month.

Thank you and enjoy your new global news source for Formula E and electric motorsports!

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Mrc ·

Well done, excellent articles on this site. We usually have to create a summary for your articles when they are shared on the discord, as not all will read using translator. Keep up the great articles

Timo ·

Thanks, Mrc! :)

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