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"Couldn't move my hand after the accident" - Günther suffers bruise in Sunday's Formula E race in Berlin

Timo Pape

Timo Pape

It was not Maximilian Günther's weekend: after his racing accident on Saturday, the German Maserati driver also crashed in the second Formula E race in Berlin. After an examination at the medical centre at the track, Günther gave the all-clear: his arm was only bruised, not broken. His summary of Tempelhof: it had literally been a painful weekend.

On lap 11, local hero Günther was involved in an accident, as he had been the day before - almost in the same place: "I entered turn 2 and saw that a DS was trying to overtake me on the inside," Günther told "The moment I looked in the rear-view mirror, I was already in the Andretti."

So he crashed into the rear of Norman Nato through his own fault, damaging the front end, before rolling towards the wall and coming to a halt. "I hit the monocoque really hard, so it hurt a lot," said Günther, describing the impact. "I couldn't move my hand after the accident."

During the race, we observed that Günther was being examined at the medical centre at the track - with the suspicion of a broken bone in his arm. However, this was not the case. Fortunately, the 24-year-old "only" suffered a more severe contusion on impact.

"I think I was very lucky today"

"Luckily everything is okay - just a big bruise. Nothing is broken," confirmed Günther. "We've already seen a few hand injuries with the Gen3 car. If you have your hands on the steering wheel on impact, it hits your wrist very aggressively. You can quickly break your hand. I think I was very lucky today."

However, Günther's start to the race was far from lucky. "I kept losing power a copuple of times on the first few laps, so I lost a few places. Then I was relatively far back, so we changed our strategy. I tried to save as much energy as possible."

Afterwards, the German was actually moving forwards again - until the crash. "It was an extremely painful weekend - literally," said Günther, already able to joke again. "In terms of pace, I was very good. There are many positive things from this weekend, but of course I'm not at all satisfied with the two races."

Günther therefore leaves the German capital with no points, but is still in seventh place overall in the championship. He will get his next chance to score points in a fortnight' time. Formula E will then make its first guest appearance in Shanghai.

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