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Time penalties for di Grassi, Günther & Hughes - All penalties at the Misano E-Prix at a glance

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

As at every E-Prix, it is also the task of the race stewards of the FIA to check compliance with the Technical and Sporting Regulations at the double header in Misano. In the event of an offence, they must decide on the penalty. As usual, you will find a list of all decisions made by the Formula E race stewards in this article.

Achim Loth, Francesco Maffezzoni and Michael Schwägerl will take on this task at the 2024 Misano E-Prix. They are supported by former racing driver Pedro Lamy, who has never competed in a Formula E race but has a lot of experience in GT and endurance racing.

Penalties before free practice

  • Porsche received a fine of 10,000 euros because the team had not declared an update to the wiring harness seven days before scrutineering at the Misano E-Prix, as required. Apparently, the manufacturer had made a change to the wiring of its drivetrain and had not adhered to the prescribed deadline. The race stewards came to the conclusion that a fine of 5,000 euros per car was appropriate for this offence.
  • Andretti received an identical fine, as the two Porsche customer cars were also affected by this offence.

Penalties in free practice on Friday/Saturday

  • Nico Müller received a fine of 1,000 euros because his front engine had recovered too much energy in the first free practice session. As a rule, such an offence is due to a software problem with the powertrain.
  • The race stewards fined Jehan Daruvala 2,500 euros because the tyre pressure was below the minimum specified by the supplier Hankook.
  • Robin Frijns was fined 1,500 euros because his battery charge was below the minimum level during practice.
  • Nick Cassidy was also fined 1,500 euros for the identical offence.
  • Lucas di Grassi has to pay 1,000 euros: An ABT mechanic worked on the car even though it indicated that it was in ready-to-move state. For safety reasons, mechanics are not allowed to touch the vehicle in this case, as electricity could potentially flow.
  • Nyck de Vries was fined 1,000 euros, suspended until the rest of the season, for driving off the FIA scales under his own power. Although this was the result of a miscommunication with the scrutineer, the Mahindra driver should have known that this was not allowed and should have waited for an instruction from an official.
  • Pascal Wehrlein also received a suspended fine of 1,000 euros until the end of the season for the same offence.
  • All four Jaguar cars will be denied entry to the Misano E-Prix, as the race stewards found a deviation from homologation in Nick Cassidy's car, which affects all four vehicles. They will not be allowed to race until the teams can prove that the vehicles comply with the homologation.

  • Shortly before the start of the qualifying session, all four Jaguar cars were allowed to take part in the session as the cars complied with the homologation according to a report by the technical delegate.

Penalties in and after qualifying on Saturday

  • Norman Nato's first three lap times in qualifying were cancelled because his front tyres were under-inflated.
  • His team-mate Jake Dennis also had his first three lap times in qualifying cancelled because the minimum tyre pressure was not maintained on the right front tyre.
  • Jake Hughes was disqualified after the qualifying because the fire extinguisher in his car wasn't armed during the session. He has to start the race from the back of the grid.

  • Pascal Wehrlein received a reprimand for hitting Nico Müller's car as he entered the parc ferme. The special thing about it: Wehrlein did not drive himself, but was pushed by the FIA scrutineers. He is said not to have followed the instructions he was given.

Penalties during and after the race on Saturday

  • Jean-Eric Vergne received a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Nick Cassidy. This dropped him from third to seventh place. Vergne also received a penalty point on his racing licence.
  • Nyck de Vries also received a five-second time penalty and a penalty point for pushing Jehan Daruvala off the track. The Dutchman was classified in 15th place instead of 13th.
  • Sergio Sette Camara was subsequently penalised with a drive-through penalty, which was converted into a time penalty of 50 seconds. The ERT driver had used too much power on the last lap. The software should actually have reduced the power because the battery temperature was too high. As a result, the Brazilian lost his seventh place and was only classified 16th.
  • Sam Bird subsequently received a reprimand for impeding Dan Ticktum and Nick Cassidy in the second free practice session. Cassidy was only just able to avoid the McLaren, which was driving slowly on the racing line, and hit the track barrier hard. It is not known why the decision was not made until more than ten hours after the incident and why Bird was not penalised. Bird is the driver who currently has the most penalty points of all drivers.

  • Race winner Antonio Felix da Costa was disqualified several hours after the end of the race. During technical scrutineering after the race, it was discovered that a throttle damper spring did not correspond to the part specified in the parts catalogue of chassis manufacturer Spark. We have dedicated a separate article to this topic.

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Penalties in free practice on Sunday

  • Lucas di Grassi was fined 1,500 euros because the battery state of charge of his car was below the minimum value during practice.
  • His team-mate Nico Müller was also fined the same amount for the identical offence.
  • Pascal Wehrlein's battery state of charge was also too low: 1,500 euros fine for the Porsche driver.
  • Another driver affected was Dan Ticktum: identical penalty for the ERT driver.
  • But that's not all: the previous day's race winner Oliver Rowland also committed the same offence and received the same fine.
  • Norman Nato was also fined 1,500 euros, as his battery state of charge was also too low.
  • Dan Ticktum received a fine of 1,000 euros, which was suspended until the rest of the season, as he drove off the FIA scales under his own steam.

Penalties in qualifying on Sunday

  • Sergio Sette Camara was driving too fast in the pit lane: 63 km/h instead of the maximum permitted 50 km/h, so he received a fine of 1,300 euros.

Penalties during and after the race on Sunday

  • Lucas di Grassi received a five-second time penalty and a penalty point for causing a collision with Sam Bird. As a result, the Brazilian lost a points finish and was only classified in twelfth place.
  • Jake Hughes was subsequently handed a five-second time penalty for skipping the chicane and thus gaining an advantage in the duel with Max Günther, whom he overtook.
  • Max Günther also received a subsequent time penalty of five seconds and a penalty point for causing a collision with Jean-Eric Vergne. The Maserati driver dropped back from 9th to 12th place. Jehan Daruvala and Sam Bird benefited.

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