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Formula E presents 2024 race calendar new addition of Japanese round - season finale in London

Tobias Bluhm

Tobias Bluhm


In the 2024 season, Formula E will travel to Japan for the first time. As the FIA's World Motor Sport Council, or WMSC, decided at its quarterly meeting on Tuesday, the electric series will travel to the capital of the "Land of the Rising Sun" for the Tokyo E-Prix on March 30. While the venues of three races in February and May are still open, the season finale has again been confirmed to be the London E-Prix in mid-July.

As was the case this year, the 2024 Formula E season set to begin with an E-Prix in Mexico City (January 13). Subsequently, the electric circus travels on the route known from 2023 to the Saudi Arabian town of Diriyah (26/27 January), where in all likelihood again two night races will take place. After that, two placeholders are planned in the calendar published by the FIA: Presumably for races in Hyderabad (February 10) and Cape Town (February 24). The Sao Paulo E-Prix is scheduled to take place on March 16. This will be followed by the racing premiere in Tokyo: The race is scheduled as a single event for March 30.

Already two years ago, Formula E had signed a memorandum of understanding with the regional parliament of the Japanese capital. For the Tokyo E-Prix, a course is to be built in the harbor of the metropolis, similar to the one in Hong Kong a few years ago.

The first part of the 2024 European leg begins with races in Rome (April 13/14) and Monaco (April 27), followed by the Berlin E-Prix in Germany. The race is scheduled as a double-header for May 11 and 12. Thus, there will be individual races on both days of the event, just as there have been in previous years.

3/17 races unknown - what will become of Hyderabad, Cape Town & Malaga?

Whether an E-Prix will actually take place in Malaga on May 25, as reported last week, is currently still open. The FIA has noted another placeholder date in the calendar for this race. After that, it's off to Jakarta (June 8) - possibly as part of a night race for temperature reasons - and Portland (June 29). The season is scheduled to end in London, as it did in 2023, with a double-header on July 20/21. This year, the races will be held a week earlier than usual to avoid a clash with the 2024 Summer Olympics.

"Tokyo will be a highlight of our tenth season," new Formula E managing director Jeff Dodds says of the calendar. "We are also in advanced discussions with many more iconic world cities who are keen to host a Formula E race and create blockbuster world championship motorsport events with us." Marek Nawarecki, the FIA's Circuit Racing Officer, added: "The schedule offers an appealing blend of established Formula E favourites like Mexico City, Rome, Monaco, Berlin and London and popular recent additions such as Sao Paulo and Jakarta. We are also delighted that the championship will visit Japan for the first time. This will also increase the series presence and impact in Asia, which is important for many manufacturers.”

At a glance: Formula E Calendar 2024

Round Date City / Country
00 23 - 27 October 2023 Valencia / Spain (Pre-Season Testing)
01 13 January 2024 Mexico City / Mexico
02 26 January 2024 Diriyah / Saudi Arabia
03 27 January 2024 Diriyah / Saudi Arabia
04 10 February 2024 TBD
05 24 February 2024 TBD
06 16 March 2024 Sao Paulo / Brazil
07 30 March 2024 Tokyo / Japan
08 13 April 2024 Rome / Italy
09 14 April 2024 Rome / Italy
10 27 April 2024 Monaco / Monaco
11 11 May 2024 Berlin / Germany
12 12 May 2024 Berlin / Germany
13 25 May 2024 TBD
14 08 June 2024 Jakarta / Indonesia
15 29 June 2024 Portland / USA
16 20 July 2024 London / United Kingdom
17 21 July 2024 London / United Kingdom


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