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Monaco E-Prix: All Formula E penalties at a glance

Tobias Wirtz

Tobias Wirtz

At the appearance of the electric racing series in the principality of Monaco, the task of the race commissioners of the FIA again have the task of paying attention to compliance with the Technical and Sporting Regulations. If a violation of the rules is found, it is then up to them to determine the penalty. In this article you will find, as usual, a list of all the decisions of the race commissioners.

At the Monaco E-Prix, Achim Loth, Michael Schwägerl and Jean Francois Calmes will take on this task. They will again be supported by ex-racing driver Paul Belmondo. After five years in Formula 3000, the Frenchman was also active in Formula 1 for several years during his career. Below, as usual, you will find a list of all the decisions of the race commissioners.

Penalties in free practice

  • Andre Lotterer was fined 1,600 euros for speeding in the pit lane during Free Practice 1: the Andretti driver was caught doing 66 km/h instead of the maximum 50 km/h allowed. Because the excess was so high, the German was awarded an additional penalty point.
  • Jake Dennis received a fine of 700 euros. The Briton was also too fast in the pit lane: 57 km/h showed the measuring instruments of the FIA.
  • Also Antonio Felix da Costa received a fine for speeding in the pit lane: 1,800 euros must pay the Portuguese, as he drove 68 km/h fast. As with Lotterer, Felix da Costa also had a penalty point added to his racing license.
  • Jake Dennis received another fine of 900 euros, as the Briton had been too fast in the pit lane a second time. This time he was 59 km/h fast. The accumulation of violations among the Porsche-powered cars is no coincidence: As our on-site reporter Tobi Bluhm found out, the pitlane limiter did not work at first. The cause was a software problem, which had to be fixed during training by an update on all four vehicles.

Penalties in qualifying

  • All of Stoffel Vandoorne's qualifying lap times were cancelled because the tyre pressure in the front tyres of his DS Penske was below the minimum prescribed pressure. Vandoorne was allowed to start the race from the back of the field.
  • Same offence for his teammate: Jean-Eric Vergne was also deleted all lap times because the front tyres contained too little air. The Frenchman will also start the race from the last row of the grid.
  • Three of Sergio Sette Camara's lap times were deleted because the tyre pressure on all Hankook tyres of his Nio 333 was below the prescribed minimum pressure. However, unlike the DS Penske drivers, Sette Camara pitted in qualifying to have the tyres changed. As the pressure was OK on the second set of tyres, he was allowed to keep the lap times achieved with them.
  • Sebastien Buemi was also stripped of lap times because the minimum pressure of a front tyre was below the specified minimum. Buemi also changed to a set of tyres with the correct pressure in qualifying, so this had no effect.
  • A lap time by Oliver Rowland was cancelled because the torque applied to the rear wheels did not correspond to what had previously been specified in the "throttle map homologation". Since this weekend, the FIA monitors torque output with new sensors to better monitor the prohibited use of traction controls.
  • Sergio Sette Camara was disqualified in his quarter-final duel for not following the specified duel phase procedure. He had missed his slot to exit the pit lane and therefore obstructed Maximilian Günther, who in turn drove through the red lights afterwards. This remained without penalty.
  • Sacha Fenestraz's lap time in the final was cancelled because the Nissan driver had used more than the maximum permitted 350 kW.
  • Jake Hughes' lap time in the final was also deleted, as the Briton had left the track in the "Nouvelle Chicane".
  • Maximilian Günther was given a three-places grid drop for running a red light at the exit of the pit lane before his qualifying duel against Sergio Sette Camara. However, the penalty was suspended until the end of the season, as the race stewards considered that he had been obstructed by Sette Camara as he was leaving the pit lane. He was also given credit in the decision for stopping a second time at the pit exit when it was unclear whether he should continue or not. He remains in 4th position on the Monaco grid.

Penalties in and after the race

  • Sam Bird received a five-second time penalty for causing a collision with Nico Müller. This dropped the Jaguar driver from 10th to 16th place. The beneficiary was Pascal Wehrlein, who moved up into the points as a result. Bird also received another penalty point on his race licence.

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