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Facts & Figures


  • Been there from the beginning (already during the first test drives at the track in the summer of 2014)
  • Large network in the industry (FIA Formula E, teams, drivers, companies, media)
  • Influential in the industry Daily coverage: an average of 2.24 articles per day, more than 800 per year
  • First point of contact for the German-speaking Formula E community, both through the website and social media
  • First hit on Google in DACH region: 74.7 percent of all pageviews come from organic search results in Google search.


  • Pageviews per year: 1,769,934
  • Sessions per year: 49,312

User Behavior

  • Users per month: 30,779
  • New users: 61.7%
  • Session duration: 4:14 min
  • Pages per session: 3.95
  • Bounce rate: 36.8%


  • Desktop 34.24%
  • Mobile: 56.79%
  • Tablet: 8.97%


  • Interests: Formula E, cars, electric mobility, motorsport, sports, business
  • Origin: Germany (81.92%), Switzerland (6.73%), Austria (4.82%)
  • Gender: 87.1% male, 12.9% female
  • Age: 25-34 years (32.84%), 18-24 years (22.35%), 33-44 years (20.67%)

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Source: Google Analytics